Class Notes

Courtesy Wellesley College Archives


Camille Ma Bulakul ’79 on her graduation day


Maureen Footer ’78

Maureen Footer ’78 knew she had found her design soul mate in George Stacey when she discovered they both owned similar commodes—18th-century French commodes to be precise, from the workshop of Pierre Migeon, cabinetmaker to Madame de Pompadour. To an interior designer like Footer…More

Alice Marwick ’98

The name “Silicon Valley” conjures images of sprawling company campuses where employees are treated to round-the-clock food, foosball, and parties with endlessly flowing craft beer on tap. This seat of the technology industry, just south of San Francisco, is often regarded as the land…More

Alia Gurtov ’07

When The National Geographic Society’s Explorer-in-Residence Lee Berger put out an urgent call last fall on social media for archaeologists to join him in the Rising Star Expedition, Alia Gurtov ’07 knew she would be going. “I don’t get that feeling about many things,…More

In Memoriam


Emiko Ishiguro Nishino ’45—“Koko” to her classmates, colleagues, and friends—died on April 23. A sui generis member of the Wellesley community for well over half a century, she first arrived at Wellesley from her home in central Pennsylvania in the fall of 1941, three…More
Remembrances of Wellesley alums written by family and friends, and the “In Memoriam” list of deceased alumnae.More