Letters to the Editor

Cover of children's book Creekfinding

Where’s the Divestment?

Reading about the energy, knowledge, and environmental concern of students, faculty, and administration in “The Green Issue” (fall ’17) provided me with some rare moments of optimism.

I looked in vain, however, for some mention of Wellesley’s endowment. What is being done about investments in fossil fuels? If the coal, oil, and gas currently being extracted are burned, we are pretty much doomed, no matter how sustainable Wellesley’s campus.

In a community so environmentally aware, surely there must be some talk of divestment? I am sure I am not the only alumna who would appreciate a candid discussion about this in Wellesley magazine.

Elizabeth Dawkins Poreba ’68, New York

Editor’s Note: In the fall of 2013, the Wellesley College Board of Trustees formed a working group on fossil-fuel divestment composed of trustees, faculty, and staff. The following spring, the full board made a policy decision concerning divestment, which is detailed at https://www.wellesley.edu/about/president/mytake/divestment.

Walk the Walk

I am at once encouraged and disappointed by the latest Wellesley magazine, titled “The Green Issue” (fall ’17), because while I appreciate the “greening” of the College grounds, I am still disappointed that Wellesley continues to “talk the talk,” but has yet to “walk the walk” and divest its endowment fully from fossil fuel corporations.

Nancy Yuen ’93, San Diego

Books and Kudos

Creekfinding (“Healing the Planet, One Creek at a Time,” fall ’17) sounds like harsh terrain, but perhaps not in Iowa. I’ve seen a disappearing creek in eastern Africa, and I know of one here in Vermont.

Thank you for Wellesley magazine. You do a good job. Compared to others I receive, your efforts are No. 1. I get the Northfield-Mount Hermon, University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins magazines.

Betty Gilbert ’51, Manchester Center, Vt.

On the Charles

Tears sprang to my eyes as I read the article by Melissa Ludtke ’73 this morning (“The Girls in the Boat,” fall ’16). Yesterday, I attended the 53rd Head of the Charles, the first time I have been since 1990, my graduation year. While standing on the Anderson Bridge, my family chatted with tourists and Boston students and residents while the boats skimmed out from under the bridge. Wearing my Wellesley alum hat, I told those around me to cheer and cheer loudly for the upcoming Wellesley crews. As that bow came out our side, the screams of “Go, Blue!” and “Go, Wellesley!” literally stopped traffic. So I well understand the power of the yelling.

I never rowed the Head of the Charles, as I was never quite good enough on our team to be in the first boat. I say that with some pride, mind you, as we were one team and one W on the water. I was in that boat with them even though I was not behind the oar.

The women of Wellesley crew are a special bunch and remain close years later. Thank you, class of ’73, for being our first in intercollegiate competition, which is every bit as champion as the 2016 Div. III National Championship Wellesley team.

See (hear?) you on the river!

Kristin Dykema Barbieri ’90, Weston, Mass.


We apologize to Vivian Pinn ’62 for accidentally assigning her to the class of ’64 in our profile of her in the fall ’17 issue (“The Battles That Makes a Difference”). “Although our class of ’64 would love to claim her,” wrote Wendy Snow Love ’64, “Vivian Pinn has always been associated with the class of ’62. I used to watch late night TV with her in our dorm, and I know she was ahead of me.” Royal hue, ’62, 1-9-6-2, Wellesley!

Photo Policy Change

Starting with the spring 2018 issue, we will be enacting a new photo policy that will allow us to share more alumnae photos in a more timely manner (no more waiting six to nine months for publication). We will choose a smaller selection of high-resolution photos to appear in the print magazine; all other photos will appear online only. All pictures must include at least two alumnae. Email your photos with caption material to magazinephotos@wellesley.edu.