Shelf Life

A Complicated Hero Remembered
When Sally Ride died on July 23, 2012, her obituary surprised space fans in more ways than one.More
Go the Distance
The Girl in the Road , the enthralling debut novel by Monica Byrne ’03, takes place in a world where “Wave” is the next frontier of artificial energy.More
Leading Questions
For nearly two decades, Denise Brosseau has been a leader in the field of entrepreneurship and women’s economic empowerment. In 1999, after a career in tech, Brosseau founded the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Later, she…More
Fresh Ink
Caroline Giles Banks ’65 — Tigers, Temples and Marigolds: Haiku and Haibun Poems , Wellington-Giles Press Catherine Blakemore ( Catherine Corry Blakemore ’55 )— My Reading Buddy Is a Dog!: Your Resource for Creating and…More