Community In a Cup of Sugar
Summer 2019
Helen Wang, director of residence life and housing, considers learning to live in community a central aspect of every student’s Wellesley experience. “The residential context is one of the few remaining spaces in the nation where people from all walks of life can be together and intersect,” she says.More
An image of a stoplight, showing only the yellow and green lights. The yellow is unlit; the green is lit.
Summer 2019
My journalism students are almost all women. And they look terrified, because it is their first class on their first day of graduate school, and I have asked them to go outside and talk to strangers.More
The cover image of Patriotism Black and White depicts an American flag draped over a white marble tombstone.
Spring 2019
At Wellesley, Nichole Phillips ’93 was a biochem major with her sights set on medical school. Today, she is assistant professor of sociology, religion, and culture at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. Her new book, Patriotism Black and White reflects on her ethnographic research among black and white evangelicals in West Tennessee.More
Kera Washington '93 sits among the African drums that Yanvalou members play.
Spring 2019
Kera Washington ’93 didn’t come to Wellesley for music—but music captured her. Washington is a music teacher in the Boston Public Schools and the director of the College’s Yanvalou Dance & Drum Ensemble. She’s also its founder.More
Kay Lehman Schlozman ’68
Spring 2019
For decades, when Kay Lehman Schlozman ’68 teaches political parties and elections she tells her students, “We’re going to deal with political matters, and we’re going do it civilly,” she says. During her long tenure at Boston College—and her two semesters at Wellesley this year as Distinguished Visiting Professor of Political Science—those rules have held up.More
A portrait of Andrea Sequeira, a professor of biological sciences, in her lab.
Spring 2019
Andrea Sequeira, a professor of biological sciences, is perhaps most at home in the field, tromping up and down volcanoes or trudging through vegetation while doggedly hunting for answers to big evolutionary questions such as, “How do new species form?”More
A portrait of Kyiah Ashton ’19, who uses the prounouns she/they, which was featured in an exhibit of student photography during Trans Awareness Week on campus.
Spring 2019
For a week in March, the faces of trans and nonbinary students gazed down from the walls of the Jewett hallway gallery—rich, beautiful portraits captured by fellow students, captioned with names and the pronouns the subjects use.More
Michelangelo in 3-D
Spring 2019
The students in Michelangelo: Artist and Myth, taught by Professor of Art Jacki Musacchio ’89, learned how works of art were reproduced in the Renaissance—and in today’s world, using computer scans of original Michelangelos.More
An illustration depicts Wellesley College buildings enclosing a flourishing garden in which several students are sitting, walking, and speaking in a group.
Spring 2019
“Inclusive excellence” might sound like a catchphrase. But not at Wellesley College. Here, the words have become a touchstone. As President Paula Johnson says, “… [T]rue excellence really requires equity, inclusion, and intellectual openness at all levels of learning and in all aspects of our community, from our academic program to our students’ experience of campus life.”More
A photo portrait of Sabriya Fisher, Assistant Professor of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
Winter 2019
Sabriya Fisher joined Wellesley’s Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences this fall. She’s already secured a spot for the College’s first sociolinguistics lab in Clapp Library to gather a database of New England speech to inform research in language variation and change.More