A photo portrait of Rosanna Hertz, Class of 1919 50th Reunion Professor of Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies
Winter 2019
Rosanna Hertz, Class of 1919 50th Reunion Professor of Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies, chairs the women’s and gender studies department. Her new book, Random Families: Genetic Strangers, Sperm Donor Siblings, and the Creation of New Kin , co-authored with Margaret Nelson, takes on the question of who is family in today’s world.More
A photo portrait of Edward Hobbes, professor of religion, in his College office
Fall 2018
Edwards Hobbs, professor of religion at Wellesley from 1981 to 2012, passed away on April 4. His scholarship concentrated on the hermeneutics, or interpretation theory, of Biblical texts.More
Heather Corbally Bryant, lecturer in the writing program
Fall 2018
Heather Corbally Bryant, lecturer in the writing program, hopes to help students put down their phones.More
A photo from the early days of Wellesley of students studying scientific models in College Hall.
Fall 2018
There was plenty of excitement during an archaeological dig on Severance Hill last summer when Elizabeth Minor ’03, Mellon Post-Doctoral Scholar in Anthropology, and her students starting uncovering some unusual items.More
Fall 2018
The historic success of the College’s comprehensive campaign has much to tell us about ourselves as a College, a community, and about what we must do next, as a leader in educating and empowering women.More
A photo portrait of Nhia Solari '19
Fall 2018
In July, the College’s comprehensive campaign dedicated to the Wellesley Effect surpassed its ambitious $500 million goal, the largest ever set by a women’s college, concluding a full year ahead of schedule. Meet five members of the community who are already benefiting from that success.More
Piper Orton, VP for finance and administration, and Andy Shennan, provost, chatting in Green Hall in front of beautiful old leaded windows
Summer 2018
How can Wellesley support the excellence of its programs and faculty, maintain need-blind admissions, and build for the future, all while eliminating an operating deficit and addressing deferred maintenance of buildings?More
An illustration shows a group of hands being raised, as if to say "Me, too."
Summer 2018
As potent as the #MeToo moment seems, once the media spotlight moves on, will the public desire and momentum for change falter?More
The cover image of Listen to the Land depicts a lush Southern woodland garden with green trees, orange and blue flowers, and a small stream.
Spring 2018
New books by Wellesley authorsMore
An image of the cover of The Amorous Heart shows heart=shaped illustrations on an antique letter.
Spring 2018
Chances are that today you clicked on a little heart icon while scrolling through your internet feeds, turning it red with meaning. The heart symbol has become ubiquitous, signifying concern, support, enjoyment, and yes, love.More