A photo portrait of Missy Siner Shea '89, executive director of the WCAA
The work of the Alumnae Association requires a dual view of Wellesley. One eye is trained on a rearview mirror, so we can clearly see and understand the experiences and traditions of alumnae. And the other eye necessarily looks out the windows of our offices onto the Academic Quad, where we can bring into view today’s students.More
A photo shows Wellesley women marching with a rainbow flag and the Wellesley banner at the New York City Pride Parade in June.
June 24 was a day of exuberant celebration and shared connections among the alumnae—ranging from the class of ’64 to ’18—who turned out for the New York City Pride March.More
A photo shows members of WAAD and WLAN dressed up and gathered for their annual tea in L.A.
In June, Wellesley alumnae gathered in L.A for the 15th anniversary of the WAAD-WLAN annual tea, which they termed its “Quinceañera”—after the traditional celebration for a girl’s 15th birthday. WAAD is the Wellesley Alumnae of African Descent shared identity group and WLAN is the Wellesley Latina Alumnae Network.More
Announcing a New Jewish SIG
This fall, a new shared identity group, the WJA—Wellesley Jewish Alumnae—made its debut, It seeks to provide connections among Jewish alumnae of any denomination. “To be a member of WJA, an alumna need only self-identify as Jewish,” says Leah Kaplan ’02, the new SIG’s interim president.More
An illustration depicts an open envelope with several hearts rising from its interior.
The editor of Wellesley offers some tips for giving your hardworking class secretary a hand with her quarterly column.More