2023 Alumnae Achievement Awards

Wellesley’s highest honor is given annually to graduates of distinction who through their achievements have brought honor to themselves and to the College. This year’s recipients are Vanessa Ruiz ’72, Faith Vilas ’73, and Cecilia Conrad ’76.

A Legal Trailblazer’s Journey
Judge Vanessa Ruiz ’72 grew up around the law. Her father was a litigator, and she remembers listening intently at their home in San Juan, Puerto Rico, when he talked about the cases he was…More
An Observatory Luminary
In some ways, Faith Vilas ’73 was born with the drive to explore what’s above the Earth. Her grandfather was an early aviator in the 1900s, and her dad and aunt both flew planes, too…More
From the Academy to Philanthropy
On her desk, Cecilia Conrad ’76 keeps two colorful monsters, Basma and Jad, and a baby goat, Ma’zooza. These furry friends are the Muppet stars of Ahlan Simsim, an Arabic-language version of Sesame Street…More