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Alice Hummer and Desiree Urquhart CE/DS ’99 in the Wellesley alumnae parade
Since I announced that I was stepping down as editor, there have been emails, cards, and calls from all over the globe with a deluge of affection and gratitude for the magazine. All of this has left me feeling quite blessed for 24 years in such a supportive worldwide community.More
A photo portrait of Alice Hummer outside Green Hall at Wellesley
We celebrate Alice Hummer for her 24 years of wise and thoughtful leadership at Wellesley magazine.More
A portrait of AJ Guerrero, Wellesley’s coordinator for LGBTQ+ programs and services, holding her cat
The Science of Welcome AJ Guerrero, Wellesley’s coordinator for LGBTQ+ programs and services, had big plans for her new job when she arrived on campus in January 2020.More
Karen Alvarez Julian ’21, Matilda Berke ’21, and Jenna Hua ’22
The Inclusion Initiative trains students to run workshops around issues of identity, helping foster a truer sense of community on campus.More
The cover of The Woman Who Raised a the Buddha is an illustration of a woman's face concealed among leaves and vines.
What was the Buddha’s mother like, and why have the details of her life been largely lost to history? Her legacy is vital for a new generation of Buddhist women, both ordained and laity, who seek her strength and wisdom.More
The cover of When Harry Met Minnie is a photo of two bull terriers together on a bench in New York City.
A chance meeting at the Union Square farmers market in New York City sets in motion a series of new relationships for Martha Teichner ’69 and her bull terrier, Minnie. As we get older, it can be difficult to form new friendships, but dogs somehow make it easier.More
The cover of Laxmi's Mooch is an illustration of a smiling Indian-American who has hair on her upper lip.
Shelly Anand ’08 has written a children’s book about a little Indian American girl who becomes aware of her upper-lip hair (her mooch).More
Kathryn Harvey Mackintosh ’03 poses outside Pendleton West
As we look toward the post-pandemic future, we have the opportunity to imagine the next phase of the Alumnae Association, to identify the ways alumnae can connect with and support the College now and into the future.More
A photo of peas in a pod
When the pandemic hit the United States in spring 2020, the alumnae network sprang into action to support students, particularly seniors.More
An illustration depicts education symbols including scales, a mortar board, and a handshake.
Donors from the classes of 2002 to 2017 are helping put Wellesley on the path to earning $1 million from the Schuler Education Foundation, an Illinois-based nonprofit focused on the future of liberal arts education.More
An image of a shimmering star sticker
A recent graduate turns to writing (and stickers!) to rebuild the self-love damaged by an Islamophobic situation she faced at work.More
A photo portrait of Julia Yoo '92
Julia Yoo ’92 is the newly appointed president of the National Police Accountability Project, the largest civil rights attorney organization in the country dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals in their encounters with police and detention facility personnel.More
A photo portrait of May Ha Duong '00
May Hong HaDuong ’00, director of the UCLA Film & Television Archive, is the first woman and person of color to direct the world’s largest university-held collection of motion pictures and broadcast programming in the United States.More
A photo portrait of Beth Matusoff Merfish '05
Beth Matusoff Merfosh ’05 is an associate professor of art history at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Beth’s career has focused on amplifying marginalized voices in art.More
Shirley Young ’55 passed away on Dec. 26, 2020. She lived life with infectious exuberance and purpose, leaving behind extraordinary milestones, as well as the gratitude and affection of all who knew her. Shirley took…More
Beth Pfeiffer ’73 lived the credo of giving back with warmth, vision, and savvy. On Dec. 4, 2020, she passed away in her beloved Maine, surrounded by the love of her husband, John, and family…More
Tributes to Wellesley alumnae by family and friendsMore