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A photo shows a calendar page from March 2020
When I returned to work in Green Hall in early September, in some ways, it seemed like time had been frozen at the moment we left campus. My calendar from 2020 was still on the…More
An illusration depicts a stylized flower. A globe forms its center, and one of the petals in the face of a young woman.
This spring, five faculty members—a marine ecologist, a poet-critic, a historian, and two political scientists—will team-teach a course called The Climate Change Crisis. Megan Núñez, dean of faculty affairs, points to it as a compelling example of the kind of curricular innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and focus on grand challenges that are called for in the College’s new strategic plan.More
Julie Walsh
Julie Walsh’s popular Philosophy and Witchcraft course—featuring a trip to Salem, Mass.—is “a sneaky history of philosophy class,” she says.More
A black and white photo shows the Persephone sculpture
Alumnae who have spent time on the East Side (previously known as the New Dorms) will have passed Persephone , a freestanding sculpture by Bates’s entrance, and Demeter , a carved relief panel accompanied on its back side by a third panel depicting oak leaves, closer to Freeman.More
A masked student models a warm coat from the Student's Aid Society Clothes Closet
The Wellesley Student’s Aid Society is continuing its long tradition of providing winter clothes, business attire, and other clothing essentials for students. And they’re looking for donations!More
The cover of The Actual Star depicts a bright star in the center of a whirling cloud of light.
It’s no wonder that in her new sci-fi novel, The Actual Star , Monica Byrne ’03 refers to our current time period as “The Age of Emergency.” Every day has a new crisis.More
The cover of Downeast is a photograph showing a Maine cove with a lighthouse in the distance.
Downeast Maine contains some of the most geographically isolated communities in the country. It’s here in Washington County that Gigi Georges ’88 spent more than four years following a group of high-school girls as they navigated coming of age.More
A photo portrait of Kathryn Harvey Mackintosh '03
News and information from the worldwide network of the Wellesley College Alumnae AssociationMore
Photos show Pamela Meiselman Boulet ’87, Denny Rainie Donovan ’79, Anne Davis Kennedy ’66, and Michelle Tinsley Leonard ’77.
The WCAA celebrated significant service with its annual Sed Ministrare Volunteer Awards. We congratulate the 2021 recipients.More
A black-and-white photo of Los Angeles in the 19th century
Depending on how you look at it, the Wellesley College Club of Los Angeles was either 24 years late or one year early.More
An illustration shows a thank-you note emerging from a blue envelope
A simple thank-you note began a lifelong connection.More
Tributes to Wellesley alumnae by family and friendsMore
A photo portrait of Marianne Harkless Diabate
Marianne Harkless Diabate of Milton, Mass., passed away suddenly in Boston on May 12 at age 63. Marianne was a dedicated educator, a visionary, and a passionate dancer. She started dancing at age 6 and performed and taught dance throughout her lifetime, including as an admired and dedicated African, Brazilian, and Caribbean dance instructor at Wellesley College from 2011–2021.More
A photo portrait of Elena Gascón-Vera
Elena Gascón-Vera, professor emerita of Spanish, passed away on Aug. 12 in Madrid after a two-year bout with lung cancer. She was 77. Rarely has a colleague made such a difference in terms of our intellectual life and our calling to educate women.More
A photo portrait of Dorothy “Dee” Dann Collins Torbert ’42
Dorothy “Dee” Dann Collins Torbert ’42 died in Dallas on June 13. From 1972 to 1975, Dee led the Wellesley College Alumnae Association as president, and beginning in 1973, she served for 12 years on the Wellesley College Board of Trustees. While a trustee, she chaired the Future of Wellesley Committee that recommended Wellesley should remain a women’s college and recommit to its mission of educating women to become leaders for tomorrow.More
A photo portrait of Karen Dolmach Petrou '75
Karen Dolmach Petrou ’75 is one of the world’s leading experts on bank regulation and policy. American Banker once described her as “the sharpest mind analyzing banking policy today—maybe ever.”More
A photo portrait of Andrea Chan Wang '92
When Andrea Chan Wang ’92 began writing the story that would become Watercress , her latest children’s picture book, she didn’t intend it to be a children’s book at all. “The truth is that I wrote it for myself,” says Andrea, from her home in Denver.More
A photo portrait of Alina Ball '03
As a professor and founding director of the Social Enterprise and Economic Empowerment Clinic at University of California Hastings College of Law, Alina Ball ’03 weaves social and economic justice with corporate transactional law.More