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Photo of a computer's CTRL key
In December 2001, I was an editorial assistant at MIT Technology Review. I edited class notes, processed invoices, and listened to The Strokes’ album Is This It on repeat.More
Bridget Arrow Baker sitting in Clapp Library
“Accessibility isn’t just thinking, ‘OK, we’re meeting the law….’ Our students today are thinking, ‘I want equal access, I want to level the playing field.’”More
Yoon Sun Lee, Anne Pierce Rogers Professor in American Literature, professor of English; Dan Chiasson, Lorraine C. Wang Professor of English; Martha McNamara, senior lecturer in art; Cord Whitaker, associate professor of English; and Eve Zimmerman, professor of Japanese
In January, the Mellon Foundation announced that it has awarded Wellesley $1.5 million for its proposal, “Transforming Stories, Spaces, Lives: Rethinking Inclusion and Exclusion through the Humanities.”More
 Andrea Sequeira, Gordon P. Lang and Althea P. Lang ’26 Professor of Biological Sciences, and Martina Königer, adjunct assistant professor of biological sciences, near some
“The big, ambitious question is to try to understand the fundamental traits related to invasion success. But our more specific, tangible goal was to understand what varieties of phragmites are present on campus.”More
Photograph of Galen Stone Tower
In pursuit of Wellesley College’s mission to provide an excellent liberal arts education to women who will make a difference in the world, the WCAA desires to integrate the organization into Wellesley College, effective as of June 30.More
Susan Harmon ’67, of Seattle, has been nominated to serve a six-year term as alumnae trustee, from 2024 to 2030, succeeding Grace Toh ’83.More
The cover of The Claims of Life: A Memoir features a photo of Diana Chapman Walsh '66 in alumnae parade whites
At age 12, Wellesley College President Emerita Diana Chapman Walsh ’66 knew she would write a book someday, a beautiful book. That sense of clarity inspired her to write this thoughtful and honest look at her personal history—from childhood, her Wellesley education, marriage and motherhood, through her work as president of the College.More
The cover of Holiday Country is an illustration depicting a Greek island with the figure of a woman swimming. toward it
Thumbnail reviews of new publications from the Wellesley communityMore
I was cooking pasta in my Portland, Maine, apartment late on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 25, after a few hours trying to make progress on a dataset for a story on pharmacies. At 8:29…More
A photo portrait of poet and professor David Ferry in front of a crowded bookcase
David Ferry, Sophie Chantal Hart Professor Emeritus of English, died on Nov. 5, 2023, at 99. He taught at Wellesley from 1952 to 1989. David was an exemplary scholar and teacher, a giant of our faculty, a translator and poet of the highest order, and a major figure in American literature.More
Tributes to alumnae from friends and familyMore