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A pin shows the face of Madeleine Korbel Albright '69 below the words "Pin it like Madeleine."
One of the many times Madeleine Korbel Albright ’59 returned to Wellesley was ahead of the opening of the traveling exhibit Read My Pins: Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box at the Davis Museum…More
A photo shows the class of 2022 seated in the tent and looking toward the stage as Melisa Campos ’22 delivers the student speech at commencement.
May 27 was a joyful day as Wellesley celebrated the class of 2022. “I am so proud of all of you for having overcome the many challenges of COVID-19 and arriving at this beautiful moment,” said President Paula A. Johnson.More
The Wellesley crew team holds their trophies in the air.
Wellesley Crew won the 2022 NCAA DIII Rowing National Championship on May 28 in Sarasota, Fla. It is the second time since 2016 that the program captured the national title.More
A photo portrait of Deana-Rae Weatherly ’22
At this year’s Ruhlman Conference, the first held in person since 2019, Deana-Rae Weatherly ’22 gave a presentation titled “Icon of a Nation: Black Womanhood in Jamaican Visual Culture,” based on her art history thesis.More
The cover of Warming Up Julia Child depicts the chef preparing a dish as another chef looks on.
Warming Up Julia Child: The Remarkable Figures Who Shaped a Legend takes a refreshing approach to the woman who, dish by dish, became one of the most esteemed and industry-shaping home cooks in the American…More
The cover of "A Problem of Fit" consists of an illustration of a price tag surrounding the title.
Phillip Levine, the Katharine Coman and A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Economics, addresses the vast, complex, and often mind-boggling world of college price-setting and financial aid in his new book.More
A photo of Laura Wood Cantopher '84
Recently, someone asked me, “Where is Wellesley in your story?” I stopped for a moment before I answered, then replied, “Wellesley is everywhere in my story.”More
A photo portrait of Laura Daignault Gates ’72
Laura Daignault Gates ’72 has a well-known adage, “Wellesley is for life.” The College is very fortunate to have been a big part of her life for the past 50 years.More
A photo portrait of Tatiana Ivy Moise ’21 wearing a Wellesley T-shirt
Tatiana Ivy Moise ’21 was elected to serve as the Young Alumnae Trustee from 2022–2025. “I am honored to serve in helping to guide Wellesley forward for the next three years and beyond,” she says.More
A photo shows an empty dog collar
A lesser-known phenomenon of the college experience is the “Dog Drop”—when childhood pets start to drop dead. But comfort can be found in unexpected places.More
A photo portrait of Linda Esslinger Heusser ’54
Linda Esslinger Heusser ’54, an adjunct research scientist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, wants women to continue seeing science as a career optionMore
A photo of Kathryn Bishop holding her Order of the British Empire medal
Kathryn Bishop ’79 has held many titles in her life: program director, university fellow, board chair, published author. This spring, she added a new one to the list: Commander of the Order of the British Empire, an honor that makes her Kathryn Bishop CBE.More
A photo portrait of Erika Willacy '99
COVID-19 isn’t the first pandemic for Erika Willacy ’99. She has spent years at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) managing outbreak responses around the world, with a particular focus on those who are systematically disadvantaged and shut out of health care systems—people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, and in particular migrants and refugees.More
A photo portrait of Sukin “Dylan” Sim ’15
In high school, Sukin “Dylan” Sim ’15 found themselves captivated by a science textbook excerpt about computational chemistry, a type of chemistry that uses computer simulation to help solve problems. At Wellesley, they sought out professors working on research in the field, then crafted their own major of chemical physics with a minor in math.More
A photo of a Wellesley lantern on campua
Tributes to Wellesley alumnae by family and friendsMore