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  • RT : I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BOOK!!!! I’ve been following Inci’s writing for years (since we had that travel writing…
  • RT : good morning last day of college, you look a lot great! 📸 my walk back from the library to claf in the wee hours…
  • Congrats to Katie Clayton Sakanai ’01, who just put out an album under the name Denver City; Maren Swanson ’02 did…
A photo of Macy Lipkin '23
Macy Lipkin ’23 has been thinking about Wellesley for a long, long time. “My sixth grade science teacher went to Wellesley—Cindy Krol ’02—and I practically wanted to be her, so naturally I decided when I was 11 that I was going to come here, too,” she says.More
A photo of Christopher Arumainayagam, professor of chemistry
For the last year and a half, Christopher Arumainayagam, professor of chemistry, has sought to understand one of the most fundamental questions of all: How did life begin?More
An 1852 lithograph depicts the Black Empress of Haiti in her coronation robes.
A lithograph of Empress Adelina, a member of the Haitian royal family, is part of the “Album Imperial d’Haiti,” dated 1852. This set of 12 pages is part of the Elbert Collection in Special Collections in the Margaret Clapp Library, which contains some 800 volumes on slavery, emancipation, and Reconstruction.More
October 1916 issue of the alumnae magazine, plain yellowed paper with "Wellesley Alumnae Quarterly" and the College's seal in blue in
One of my favorite features of my new office, which I moved into in November when I was named editor of Wellesley, is the bookcase of bound volumes of magazines going back to the first issue in October 1916.More
The cover of State of Terror depicts a graphic red and white American flag against a black background.
State of Terror is a political thriller with all the fast-paced thrills and chills you’d expect from Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69 and award-winning mystery author Louise Penny. It’s also a celebration of a woman’s love for her country and her battle to protect it.More
The title "The Rock Eaters " is surrounded by stylized tropical island and a drawing of a large insect,
The Rock Eaters is a compulsively readable short story collection full of extraordinary happenings. Brenda Peynado ’06 makes the most of every single word in this debut collection, writing with confidence and musing thoughtfully on inclusivity.More
The cover of The Pursued and the Pursing shows a drawing of a powerful open sedan driving on a road lit by moonlight.
AJ Odasso ’05, teacher and poet, has stepped in a new direction with their first novel. The Pursued and the Pursuing picks up right where The Great Gatsby leaves off, but with a difference.More
2021 Alumnae Survey
In February 2021, Wellesley launched a comprehensive alumnae survey, asking alums to evaluate the impact of their education and share their thoughts on their connection to the College. Here is what they said.More
Laura Wood Cantopher ’84
WCAA President Laura Wood Cantopher ’84 wants to know: “Who are you? What do you care about? What are the ways you support the College? How can we harness your enthusiasm for Wellesley in support of its mission?”More
A photo of Peggy Cullen Nicholson '54 beside a racing scull.
Peggy Cullen Nicholson ’54 has accomplished a lot in her life: She taught French for years. She served on her town’s board of education. She’s the mother of three. She’s been a lifelong volunteer. And last fall, she rowed in her first race, at the Head of the Charles.More
A photo portrait of Anne Shen Chao '74
In 2010, Anne Shen Chao ’74 founded the Houston Asian American Archive at Rice University, an oral history collection about the lives of Asian Americans living in the Houston area. “We want to make sure that Asian American contributions are included in the narrative of Texas history,” Anne says.More
A photo portrait of Miriam Butt ’87
Miriam Butt ’87, a professor of general and computational linguistics at the University of Konstanz in Germany, chose to attend Wellesley in part because it was one of the only American colleges at the time where she could study both Latin and computer science.More
A photo portrait of Mary Ellen Crawford Ames ’40
Mary Ellen Crawford Ames ’40 passed away on Aug. 17, 2021, following a lifetime of achievement and adventure that spanned 102 years. For 70 of those years, she was an engaging presence at Wellesley as a student, class president, alumna volunteer, personnel director, and as the College’s venerable director of admission from 1969 to 1985.More
A photo portrait of D. Scott Birney, professor of astronomy
D. Scott Birney died on Aug. 15, 2021, at age 95. Scott joined the astronomy department in 1968, and throughout his 23 years at the College, his good cheer, wry wit, and self-effacing demeanor made the Whitin Observatory a congenial and supportive home to both students and faculty.More
Tributes to Wellesley alumnae by family and friendsMore
A photo of a keyring with a wooden house with a heart carved in its center, and two keys.
Maintaining a two-career marriage is a delicate balacing act.More