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Spring 2024
Recent publications by Wellesley authorsMore
A 17th century painting on the cover of The Faithful Virgins depicts a woman holding a mask.
Spring 2024
Thumbnail reviews of new publications from the Wellesley communityMore
Rethinking the Renaissance
Spring 2024
The popular course ENG/HIST 221: The Renaissance interrogates the idea of the thing that historians and literary scholars have called the Renaissance.More
A photograph of Untitled (Bronze)
Spring 2024
The Davis Museum is fortunate to have Untitled (Bronze), an outstanding work by Dyani White Hawk.More
A photo portrait of Samara Pearlstein in the Jewett Art Gallery
Spring 2024
Samara Pearlstein touches a “little bit of almost every part” of the Wellesley College Art Department. She is the program coordinator for the department, the building manager for the Jewett Arts Center and Pendleton West, and a drawing instructor for the studio program in the summer. She is also the gallery director for Jewett Art Gallery.More
A photo of visitors looking at artwork by Lorraine O'Grady '55 at the opening of her retrospective show, Both/And
Spring 2024
More than 650 visitors thronged the Davis Museum’s opening on Feb. 8 celebrating the launch of Both/And , a retrospective exhibition of the work of Lorraine O’Grady ’55.More
A photo portrait of Camilla “Mia” Chandler Frost ’47
Spring 2024
Camilla “Mia” Chandler Frost ’47, Wellesley College trustee emerita, passed away at the age of 98 on Feb. 7.More
A photo portrait of Juyon Lee '18
Spring 2024
A successful working artist in New York, Juyon Lee ’18 credits the film classes she took with Prof. Eve Zimmerman for her Japanese minor and a first-year drawing class with professor of art Daniela Rivera with leading her where she is now.More
A photo of Kat Craddock '05
Spring 2024
Kat Craddock ’05 recalls having Saveur , the food and travel magazine, in her childhood home as early as 1994. In April 2023, she announced her acquisition of the publication. More exciting news followed: Kat announced that Saveur ’s print magazine would return.More
A photo portrait of poet and professor David Ferry in front of a crowded bookcase
Winter 2024
David Ferry, Sophie Chantal Hart Professor Emeritus of English, died on Nov. 5, 2023, at 99. He taught at Wellesley from 1952 to 1989. David was an exemplary scholar and teacher, a giant of our faculty, a translator and poet of the highest order, and a major figure in American literature.More