College News

A photo portrait of philosophy professor Ifeanyi Menkiti
Fall 2019
Ifeanyi Menkiti, professor emeritus of philosophy, died on June 16. He liked to recall the old saying that philosophers bake no bread, but only to smile and disagree with it. He believed that philosophers could bake bread and should: that philosophical thinking should make a difference to everyone.More
A photo portrait of Luther "Terry" Tyler
Fall 2019
Luther T. Tyler—“Terry” to his friends and colleagues—died on July 24, after a long period of illness. Terry joined the English department in 1978, where he was a Pinanski Prize-winning teacher and a treasured colleague.More
A photo portrait of Shelly Anand '08
Fall 2019
Shelly Anand ’08 created a blog, Wellesley Underground, in 2009, as “a space to have a counter-narrative of success,” as well as a place to explore “difficult questions of identity,” she says.More
Students enjoy a carnival ride on Lake Day
Fall 2019
Tidbits of news from around campus, including Lake Day, a student Sudoku champ, a new elevator in Billings, and more.More
Portrait of Dave Chakraborty
Fall 2019
The College is building a new Science Center, renovating residential halls that have significant needs, and looking at how to become carbon neutral by 2040. Meet the man with the plan, Dave Chakraborty, assistant vice president of facilities management and planning.More
Fall 2019
The College is embarking on the development of a new strategic plan, a document that will chart Wellesley’s course for the next five years and beyond. What do 21st-century students need to flourish? How do we best mine the gifts of diversity? How do we instill a sense of belonging, purpose, and agency? These are among the big questions with which we will grapple.More
A photo shows Kathryn Harvet Macintosh '03 in front of Green Hall.
Fall 2019
In the weeks before I started this job, I received two gifts from two important women in my life—one a childhood (and then Wellesley) friend, and one a professional mentor. My new coffee mug and my new insulated stemless wine glass are emblazoned with the same message: “You’ve got this.”More
A photo inside the Global Flora conservatory shows a flourishing banyan tree. In the background, a student prepares to hand-water plants.
Fall 2019
The Global Flora Conservatory at the Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses, it steel frame clad in high-tech plastic, rides the curve of the ridge outside the Science Center and soars to 40 feet at its southwest end. The new structure is breathtaking inside and out.More
Gold oak-leaf pin given to Alumnae Achievement Award recipients
Fall 2019
To honor the 50th anniversary of the Alumnae Achievement Awards, what if we just let their achievements inspire us to make an impact wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, and stop using them as a yardstick to measure our own supposed shortcomings?More
Richard Howard
Summer 2019
Richard Howard—who retired last month after more than 20 years of service to this magazine and to the College—captured the enduring moments of this institution, from commencements and reunions to student Ruhlman presentations to election night 2016.More