An illustration shows prison reform activist Colby Lenz '99 wearing a button that reads "Free Them All."
Summer 2019
Colby Lenz ’99, a graduate student at the University of Southern California, has been dedicated to social justice work around California’s prison system for over a decade.More
A photo portrait of Elizabeth Brenner Drew '57
Summer 2019
When Elizabeth Brenner Drew ’57 moved to Washington, D.C., 60 years ago, she didn’t have an inkling that she would become one of the most respected journalists in American politics.More
A photo of Mijha Butcher Godfrey ’99, the founder of the Jambo Book Club, with artwork from diverse children's books in the background
Summer 2019
Mijha Butcher Godfrey ’99, an attorney with a passion for social justice, has launched Jambo Book Club, a book subscription service specializing in diverse, inclusive books for kids from newborn to age 13.More
The cover of The Sting of It by A.J. Odasso '05 depicts a wasp's body, with images from a Breughel painting within the outline.
Summer 2019
If you love exquisite language, don’t miss The Sting of It , the third book of poems by A.J. Odasso ’05.More
The cover of Teaching: A Life's Work features a photo of the authors reading together when Alicia Nieto López ’91 was a toddler.
Summer 2019
In their book Teaching: A Life’s Work, educators Alicia Nieto López ’91 and her mother, Sonia Nieto, articulate what motivates them as educators, inspiring their readers to reflect on the same.More
A photo of mixed actinobacteria taken through a microscope.
Summer 2019
Photo by Scott Chimileski The Wellesley Fam Regarding the spring ’19 issue: Thanks @Wellesleymag for reminding me just how incredible it is to be part of the @Wellesley family. Currently reading the issue cover…More
A photo shows members of the Harambee Singers, wearing kente-cloth stoles, performing.
Summer 2019
When Jill Foye ’22 started at Wellesley, Ethos no longer had a singing group. But thanks to funds donated by alumnae in honor of the recent 50th anniversary of the organization, she and 10 other students came together last semester as the Harambee Singers.More
Community In a Cup of Sugar
Summer 2019
Helen Wang, director of residence life and housing, considers learning to live in community a central aspect of every student’s Wellesley experience. “The residential context is one of the few remaining spaces in the nation where people from all walks of life can be together and intersect,” she says.More
An image of a stoplight, showing only the yellow and green lights. The yellow is unlit; the green is lit.
Summer 2019
My journalism students are almost all women. And they look terrified, because it is their first class on their first day of graduate school, and I have asked them to go outside and talk to strangers.More
An image of the Wellesley W logo
Spring 2019
Last winter, a group of New York City alumnae lugged their laptops through the snow to midtown Manhattan to answer inquiries about the movie Transformers and how iPhones are hardwired. They’d convened for a community service event sponsored by the local alumnae club: a two-hour stint answering letters from prison inmates across the country.More