Lisa Barnes ’89
Fall 2023
An interest in memory and the brain led Lisa Barnes ’89 to neuropsychology, and when she landed a faculty position at Rush University in Chicago, her hometown, she began working with a study focused on Alzheimer’s disease.More
Jeanne Olson Darlington M.A. ’72
Fall 2023
Jeanne Olson Darlington M.A. ’72, former instructor in science laboratory in the chemistry department, died on July 27 at the age of 99.More
An Observatory Luminary
Summer 2023
In some ways, Faith Vilas ’73 was born with the drive to explore what’s above the Earth. Her grandfather was an early aviator in the 1900s, and her dad and aunt both flew planes, too…More
2023 Alumnae Achievement Awards
Wellesley’s highest honor is given annually to graduates of distinction who through their achievements have brought honor to themselves and to the College. This year’s recipients are Vanessa Ruiz ’72, Faith Vilas ’73, and Cecilia…More
A photo of James Battat in the Science Complex.
Summer 2023
Most of us are familiar with the well-known subatomic particles that make up the universe: protons, neutrons, and electrons. But James Battat, associate professor of physics, is curious about a much lesser-known particle, the neutrino.More
A photo portrait of Nicole Sasson '84
Summer 2023
As chief of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Veteran Affairs-New York Harbor Healthcare System, physiatrist Nicole Sasson ’84 was instrumental in helping test and fine-tune a next-generation robotic arm.More
A photograph of Wellesley’s lightweight four at the 1977 Philadelphia nationals. Pictured are Polly Munts Talen ’77, Kim Cooke Himmelfarb ’77, Eleanor Horrigan Spyropoulos ’80, Karen Cunningham Van Adzin ’79, and Elizabeth “Ping” Pingchang Chow ’79
Summer 2023
Lessons in Privilege A huge mazel tov from my heart to Peggy McIntosh (“ Unpacker of Privilege ,” spring 2023). In 1987, I was a new teacher at Groton School, where there was one other…More
Jenn Yang '12 stands among plants in the Global Flora greenhouse.
Spring 2023
“When you start to recognize plants, I think you really start to feel like there’s family around,” says Jenn Yang ’12, associate director of the Wellesley College Botanic Gardens and Friends of Botanic Gardens. “You start to feel like a place is home.”More
A photo of Judy Harte '68 outside the Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California.
Spring 2023
For more than half a century, scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) in California have dreamed of harnessing nuclear fusion to reproduce the process that powers our sun. Computational physicist Judy Harte ’68 has been there almost from the beginning.More
Lamiya Mowla ’13
Winter 2023
Like many science-inclined students, Lamiya Mowla ’13 arrived at Wellesley intending to become a doctor. But an introductory astronomy lesson altered her ambitions—and the course of her life.More