Connection At a Critical Time
Fall 2020
“I grappled with this idea that treating the patient with medicine wasn’t really working. … I thought, we really have to be there as human beings to comfort and console them and just hold their hand.”More
Valeria Yang ’21 and Bryn van Dommelen ’22 sit on tree stumps in the Sitting Circle in golden early fall light
Fall 2020
Mika Taga-Anderson ’20, an intern for the Paulson Ecology of Place Initiative in 2019–20, created a sitting circle in a pine grove in the botanic gardens—an area that only wanderers who have left paths will happen upon.More
The wall of Sage Hall that forms the Focus is supported by steel beams during the construction of the Science Center
Fall 2020
As construction workers on the new Science Center prepared to place the last piece of structural steel in the building skeleton, students, faculty, and donors were invited to sign the final beam, which had been painted a bright Wellesley blue.More
2020 Alumnae Achievement Awards
Fall 2020
This year’s recipients of Wellesley’s highest honor are Joan Wallace-Benjamin ’75, M. Darby Dyar ’80 , and Kimberly Dozier ’87 .More
Amy Banzaert
Summer 2020
In mid-March, as the coronavirus raced throughout the United States, Amy Banzaert found herself in a race of her own: one against the clock as she rushed to transition her hands-on, project-based engineering course to a virtual format.More
Summer 2020
Hope was manifest in this community when it rallied around Rana Zoe. Now, we must show this same power as we step up as citizens.More
Connie Chang '99
Spring 2020
Connie Chang ’99’s lab is trying to create fast and simple point-of-care devices for health-care providers to measure both the novel coronavirus itself and the antibodies that patients’ bodies may make after they recover from the infection.More
An illustration depicts birds falling from electrical wires against an orange sky.
Spring 2020
Last year, Science magazine published a study revealing that the North American continent has lost nearly 3 billion birds over the last 50 years. This means there are 29 percent fewer birds in the United States and Canada today than in 1970. Wellesley alumnae, faculty, and students are among those responding to the crisis with reseach and action.More
A head and shoulders photo of Cecilia Conrad ’76
Winter 2020
As managing director at the MacArthur Foundation in Chicago, Cecilia Conrad ’76 heads up the prestigious MacArthur Fellows Program, which distributes so-called “genius grants.”More
A photo portrait of Danielle Durchslag ’03
Fall 2019
Artist and filmmaker Danielle Durchslag ’03 was born into what she describes as a “Jewish dynasty.” Now, she explores the psychological and political complexities of the world of Jewish American wealth she grew up in through her experimental films.More