A head and shoulders photo of Cecilia Conrad ’76
Winter 2020
As managing director at the MacArthur Foundation in Chicago, Cecilia Conrad ’76 heads up the prestigious MacArthur Fellows Program, which distributes so-called “genius grants.”More
A photo portrait of Danielle Durchslag ’03
Fall 2019
Artist and filmmaker Danielle Durchslag ’03 was born into what she describes as a “Jewish dynasty.” Now, she explores the psychological and political complexities of the world of Jewish American wealth she grew up in through her experimental films.More
Students adjust the position of the new telescope
Fall 2019
The astronomy department made its first major telescope purchase in more than 50 years earlier this year, and on June 12, a CDK700 telescope from PlaneWave Instruments, a 0.7m diameter reflector, arrived on Observatory Hill.More
A professor teaches a course in a new classroom by the data lounge.
Fall 2019
This fall, the L-wing in the Science Center opened after a year of renovations. Among the new additions are a spacious data lounge, improved teaching labs and faculty labs, new active-learning classrooms, and plenty of common spaces for collaborating and relaxing.More
Antique wooden hydrodeik
Fall 2019
John Cameron, professor emeritus of biology, has cataloged some 1,600 objects from labs past. As Wellesley looks to the future of science on campus, Cameron showed us some of his favorite items from its past.More
A photo shows Keith Lockhart, conductor of the Boston Pops, with astronaut Pam Melroy '83, during a concert celebrating the anniversary of the moon landing in 1969.
Fall 2019
Astronaut Pamela Melroy ’83 joined conductor Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops for a musical look back at the summer of ’69.More
A photo inside the Global Flora conservatory shows a flourishing banyan tree. In the background, a student prepares to hand-water plants.
Fall 2019
The Global Flora Conservatory at the Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses, it steel frame clad in high-tech plastic, rides the curve of the ridge outside the Science Center and soars to 40 feet at its southwest end. The new structure is breathtaking inside and out.More
A photo of mixed actinobacteria taken through a microscope.
Summer 2019
Photo by Scott Chimileski The Wellesley Fam Regarding the spring ’19 issue: Thanks @Wellesleymag for reminding me just how incredible it is to be part of the @Wellesley family. Currently reading the issue cover…More
Ada Lerner
Summer 2019
Ada Lerner’s research on inclusion security and privacy centers on how to provide the benefits of technology equitably across society.More
A head shot portrait of a smiling Meagan Lizarazo '04
Spring 2019
When Meagan Lizarazo ’04 was a first-year at Wellesley, she used marshmallows and Twizzlers to construct “DNA” in her introductory biology class. Little did she know that the simple exercise foreshadowed a 15-year career at iGEM, a nonprofit that has shaped the field of synthetic biology.More