Alumnae Lives

Lamiya Mowla ’13
Winter 2023
Like many science-inclined students, Lamiya Mowla ’13 arrived at Wellesley intending to become a doctor. But an introductory astronomy lesson altered her ambitions—and the course of her life.More
A photo shows Courtney Streett '09 walking in the Edible Ecosystem on the Wellesley campus.
Winter 2023
Courtney Streett ’09, a Native American and member of the Nanticoke Tribe, co-founded a nonprofit, the Native Roots Farm Foundation, to reclaim, cultivate, and celebrate Native relationships with the land, plants, and communities for the next Seven Generations.More
A photo portrait of Bronwyn Lance '90
Winter 2023
After nearly 20 years in the House and Senate advising lawmakers on policy, strategy, and messaging, Bronwyn Lance ’90 this year became the first woman in the history of North Carolina’s 11th District to be named chief of staff.More
A portrait of Michele Moody-Adams '78
Winter 2023
In late May 2020, Michele Moody-Adams ’78 went for a walk, hoping to clear her head during a particularly busy season in her life. Instead the Joseph Straus Professor of Political Philosophy and Legal Theory at Columbia, stumbled upon a protest—and the inspiration for her next book.More
Illustration of the word "Engagement" with a starburst above it
Winter 2023
As the WCAA headed into the holiday season, we looked back on the many ways that Wellesley alums connected with and supported the College and each other in the preceding year.More
A photo portrait of Lauren Holmes '07.
Winter 2023
Newhouse Visiting Professor of Creative Writing Lauren Holmes ’07 teaches Writing for Television. The course dissects TV pilots and web series. “I’m looking for the clearest examples of character building, story building, and the story engine,” she says.More
Photo of Bettina Makalintal opening a bag of rice as part of a cooking demonstration
Winter 2023
“For me, vegetarian adobo represents how I like to think about Filipino food in my life. I can take dishes that remind me of my family and where we came from, but I can adapt them to my own palate, preferences, and values.”More
Illustration of a Black mother in a hospital bed cradling two newborn babies
Winter 2023
Black people are more than three times as likely as white people to die from pregnancy-related causes. Wellesley medical professionals and advocates are at the forefront of addressing this maternal health crisis.More
Photo of an unspooled roll of photo negatives
Winter 2023
My mom said if she died and the house caught fire, I should go into the basement and save the negatives. The ability to reprint the family photos mattered more than the photos themselves.More
2022 Alumnae Achievement Awards
Fall 2022
This year’s recipients are Lulu Chow Wang ’66, investment trailblazer and philanthropic leader; Laura Wheeler Murphy ’76, public servant and civil liberties and civil rights advocate; and Mara Prentiss ’80, physicist and environmental revolutionary.More