A photo portrait of philosophy professor Ifeanyi Menkiti
Fall 2019
Ifeanyi Menkiti, professor emeritus of philosophy, died on June 16. He liked to recall the old saying that philosophers bake no bread, but only to smile and disagree with it. He believed that philosophers could bake bread and should: that philosophical thinking should make a difference to everyone.More
A photo portrait of Ruth Anna Putnam
Fall 2019
Despite the power of words, they cannot do justice to the life, accomplishments, or character of Ruth Anna Putnam, a professor of philosphy at Wellesley for 35 years. Ruth Anna passed away peacefully at home in Arlington, Mass., on May 4, surrounded by all four of her children.More
A photo portrait of Luther "Terry" Tyler
Fall 2019
Luther T. Tyler—“Terry” to his friends and colleagues—died on July 24, after a long period of illness. Terry joined the English department in 1978, where he was a Pinanski Prize-winning teacher and a treasured colleague.More
Susan Ellison, assistant professor of anthropology
Fall 2019
Debt was not something Susan Ellison, assistant professor of anthropology, ever expected to write a book about. “I came kicking and screaming to that,” she says. “But when you ‘follow the ethnographic,’ as we say,”—as…More
Portrait of Brenna Greer
Fall 2019
On the cover of Brenna Greer’s recent book, Represented: The Black Imagemakers Who Reimagined African American Citizenship , a fashionably dressed young African-American couple relax on a midcentury modern couch in front of a coffee…More
A photo inside the Global Flora conservatory shows a flourishing banyan tree. In the background, a student prepares to hand-water plants.
Fall 2019
The Global Flora Conservatory at the Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses, it steel frame clad in high-tech plastic, rides the curve of the ridge outside the Science Center and soars to 40 feet at its southwest end. The new structure is breathtaking inside and out.More
Professor Filomina Steady
Summer 2019
As she prepares to retire after 22 years in the Africana Studies department, Professor Filomina Steady isn’t slowing down. She has a new book, The African Diaspora Returns Home , in the pipeline, and her research remains very much on her mind.More
Ada Lerner
Summer 2019
Ada Lerner’s research on inclusion security and privacy centers on how to provide the benefits of technology equitably across society.More
A photo depicts a poster with a poem entitled "Love Cycle" by Octavio R. González, Wellesley assistant professor of English.
Summer 2019
When National Poetry Month kicked off on April 1, poems by 29 members of the Wellesley community starting rolling on the Boston T, taking over space usually reserved for advertising.More
Kera Washington '93 sits among the African drums that Yanvalou members play.
Spring 2019
Kera Washington ’93 didn’t come to Wellesley for music—but music captured her. Washington is a music teacher in the Boston Public Schools and the director of the College’s Yanvalou Dance & Drum Ensemble. She’s also its founder.More