This photo includes five of the ’20 crew team members: Sooji Kang (cox), Rhiannon Mulligan, Frances Dingivan, Faye Washburn, and Maria Iannotti. Not pictured are classmates Alison Carey, Olivia Holbrook, Eve Montie, and Emmet Odegaard.
Fall 2020
“Last year’s team was one of the best teams I have coached in my time here at Wellesley. They really functioned in a cohesive and competitive way, and I give a lot of credit to the red hot class of 2020 for fostering that kind of environment.”More
Joy in Movement Masks and All
Fall 2020
Without any competition on the immediate horizon, the cross country and track & field team’s primary training goal this fall has been to establish good habits and reinforce proper technique so they are prepared for future competition.More
Students on a snowy mountain-climbing trip last November, partway up the Greenleaf Trail on Mt. Lafayette in New Hampshire
Spring 2020
Remember going outside? With friends? That was amazing.More
The cover of "The Day I Saw Willie Mays and Other Poems"  contains three images: a childhood photo of Ellen Jaffe '66, a box of Cracker Jack, and a girl's open diary with a pen resting on it.
Spring 2020
Refelcting on her career, poet Ellen Jaffe ’66 says part of a writer’s job is to “experience uncertainties and difficulties (personal and in the wider world) and then find words and images to write about them with empathy and precision.”More
Kate, Caroline, and Ryan MacVicar pose in their Wellesley golf shirts
Winter 2020
Just because they’re sisters, and they all play golf, and they all play golf at Wellesley, doesn’t mean they agree on everything.More
Friday Night Lights
Fall 2019
On a Friday evening in late August as the sun went down, Blue Field Hockey did something extraordinary: They played the first night home game in the history of Wellesley athletics.More
Bridget Belgiovine stands in the new Fitness Center
Spring 2019
If you want to know what Bridget Belgiovine has been doing the last 13 years, look around.More
Treating the Whole Athlete
Spring 2019
Just because she’s a sports psychologist doesn’t mean Jessica Pfeifer Stewart sits around talking free throws all day. “Athletes are people, too,” she says. “They’re going to be presenting with a lot of the same concerns as their peer population, but I also understand and appreciate them as a unique cultural population.”More
Leslie Salmon Jones plays drums as alums dance around her
Winter 2019
It’s early on a Saturday morning on the first day of BLUEprint, the WCAA’s annual fall leadership training for alumnae volunteers. But this isn’t your usual session on how to run a reunion. Two dozen…More
A photo shows Arielle Mitropoulos ’19 (#11) and Julia Rappaport ’22 (#10) jumping for joy as Sophia Albanese ’21 (#24) scores her first collegiate goal in a 5–0 win over the University of Maine at Farmington this past September.
Winter 2019
The elation that comes along with scoring a goal is not reserved for the player who puts it in the back of the net. Just ask Arielle Mitropoulos ’19 (#11), who literally leaped for joy when her teammate Sophia Albanese ’21 (#24) scored her first collegiate goal in a game earlier this season.More