A photo portrait of Elena Gascón-Vera
Fall 2021
Elena Gascón-Vera, professor emerita of Spanish, passed away on Aug. 12 in Madrid after a two-year bout with lung cancer. She was 77. Rarely has a colleague made such a difference in terms of our intellectual life and our calling to educate women.More
A student studies on a bench overlooking wetlands in Alumnae Valley, with Lake Waban in the distance.
Fall 2021
Wellesley’s campus—its meadows and hillsides, its winding paths along Lake Waban, its ancient trees and stands of rhododendron—has inspired the community for generations.More
A photo portrait of Adrian Castro, assistant professor of geosciences
Fall 2021
When most of us come across a rock, we register little more than a gray hunk of stone that blends easily into the background. But Adrian Castro considers the rocks the main attraction. Every rock has a story to tell, he explains, and his job as a geologist is to use scientific techniques to unravel them. “Good geologists are like storytellers for the planet,” he says.More
A photo of Dot Widmayer '52
Summer 2021
Dorothea “Dot” J. Widmayer ’52, professor emerita of biological sciences, passed away on March 6. Teaching introductory biology and genetics, and carrying out research on gene action and expression in the protozoan Paramecium aurelia, Dot had a great positive influence on many students throughout her long career.More
A photo of Tamara Nash wearing a Wellesley "W" button on her lapel
Summer 2021
“My family taught me that education is the key to success,” says Tamara Nash ’79. It’s not surprising, then, that Tamara has built a career around higher education administration.More
The author's grandmother stands outside her house in Vermont.
Summer 2021
The magazine’s student assistant, Grace Ramsdell ’22, reflects on her pandemic-disrupted junior year, split between her grandmother’s home in Vermont and Claflin Hall.More
A photo of Vanja Klepac-Ceraj, associate professor of biological sciences
Summer 2021
Vanja Klepac-Ceraj, associate professor of biological sciences, teaches an environmental microbiology course that explores the fundamentals of the field, while giving students the chance to manipulate microbes in the lab.More
A photo ofJennifer Chudy, Knafel Assistant Professor of Social Sciences and assistant professor of political science
Summer 2021
Jennifer Chudy, Knafel Assistant Professor of Social Sciences and assistant professor of political science, studies American politics with an emphasis on race and ethnicity—phenomena currently at the very heart of political debate in the United States.More
A photo of the handmade artist's book, Mending the Stars & Stripes
Summer 2021
Jan Owen’s artist’s book Mending the Stars & Stripes came into existence last year through a confluence of historic events.More
The cover of The Woman Who Raised a the Buddha is an illustration of a woman's face concealed among leaves and vines.
Spring 2021
What was the Buddha’s mother like, and why have the details of her life been largely lost to history? Her legacy is vital for a new generation of Buddhist women, both ordained and laity, who seek her strength and wisdom.More