Alumnae Achievement Awards 2016

Photography’s Champion
The flat coastal plain of Houston, where Maria Morris Hambourg ’71 spent her 1950s childhood, appeared to sprout tall buildings overnight “like mushrooms,” she says. Her architect father, S.I. Morris, was responsible for many of…More
The Politics of the Plate
Achievement awards—and the hand-in-hand prospect of discussing one’s career in front of an Alumnae Hall-sized crowd of students—have a way of making a person reflective. As Marian Fox Burros ’54 started preparing her remarks, looking…More
At the Corner of Science and Policy
The career of Debra Knopman ’75 didn’t go quite the way she’d planned. When she arrived at Wellesley, she thought she was going to major in economics. But she didn’t. After she settled on a…More