Letters to the Editor

Two black and white photo portraits show Lilian Armstrong '58 and Peter Fergusson.

Extraordinary Professors

Two of my favorite professors while at Wellesley and beyond were Lilian Armstrong ’58 and Peter J. Fergusson (“In Memoriam,” spring 2022). I took at least three of Professor Armstrong’s classes, and two of my last classes were Olmsted and Wellesley with Professor Fergusson and Architecture of Boston with Professor James O’Gorman. I will never forget all that they taught me. The relationship I had with Professor Armstrong was filled with warmth, generosity, grace, and encouragement to be successful, without any suggestion that it should be any different for me as a Davis Scholar rather than a traditional age student. I will never forget her and will always remember the extraordinary gifts of learning and friendship she gave to me.

Barbara Elfman CE/DS ’05, Cambridge, Mass.

Of the various professors who stand out from my time at Wellesley, Lilian Armstrong ’58 (“In Memoriam,” spring 2022) was one of my favorites. When I arrived on campus as a Davis Scholar in 1991, Venetian Renaissance was a particular interest for me, and her instruction in that specialty, as well as her advice and support in planning my graduate path beyond Wellesley, was so affirming. I always sensed her belief in me and my abilities. Her calm demeanor and kindness were splendid gifts for which I will always be thankful.

Patricia “Sue” Canterbury CE/DS ’94, Dallas