A photo shows a loaf of braided challah scattered with sesame seeds.
Winter 2021
When COVID closes her neighborhood bakery, making her own challah every week brings this writer a kind of comfort.More
Josh Lambert, the Sophia Moses Robison Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and English
Fall 2020
Josh Lambert, the new Sophia Moses Robison Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and English, discusses one the first courses he’s teaching at Wellesley, ENG 290/JWST 290: Jews, African-Americans, And Other Minorities in U.S. Comics and Graphic NovelsMore
Professor Petra Rivera-Rideau
Fall 2020
Professor Petra Rivera-Rideau’s students may have had their semester upended, but they are finding respite in the upbeat rhythms of reggaeton, bachata, and merengue.More
2020 Alumnae Achievement Awards
Fall 2020
This year’s recipients of Wellesley’s highest honor are Joan Wallace-Benjamin ’75, M. Darby Dyar ’80 , and Kimberly Dozier ’87 .More
An illustration shows a couple in cutaway of a two-story house, the man holding up the first floor from below, the woman holding up the roof.
Fall 2020
My husband broke into our first house—that’s how we moved in. The new house was empty, and we didn’t want to waste money on overlapping rental and mortgage payments, so all our belongings were in the front yard. Our own real estate agent texted us: “A little bird told me there are keys in the mailbox. Never met a mailbox lock I couldn’t pick.” Fourteen hours later, we stopped unpacking.More
A black-and-white photo of author reveals her upper-arm tattoo of a fox holding a pen.
Fall 2020
The first title in the Derby Daredevils series debuted this spring and won praise from the American Library Association for its “fierce” female characters. We caught up with the author by phone at her home in Albuquerque.More
The cover of Hill Women shows black-and-white photo of a mother standing by a pickup truck holding a baby while a young boy stands alongside.
Fall 2020
Hill Women captures with grace and nuance the identity of Appalachian women, and in doing so acknowledges the role that luck, education, and community play in changing a life.More
The cover of This Is One Way to Dance shows an image of a swirling red Indian skirt.
Fall 2020
This Is One Way to Dance , a debut collection of essays by Sejal Shah ’94, encourages anyone forgotten by white America to: Take. Up. Space.More
Jamila Wignot ’00
Summer 2020
“Tragedy seems to be the way, in this country, that we acknowledge something wrong is going on.”More
Ruth “Sue” Ballenger Bottigheimer
Summer 2020
“What you see and what you think about fairy tales has been so covered over by layers of assumptions that it takes real research to figure it out.”More