The cover of Holiday Country is an illustration depicting a Greek island with the figure of a woman swimming. toward it
Winter 2024
Thumbnail reviews of new publications from the Wellesley communityMore
The cover of This is So Swkward depicts a container of stick deodorant.
Fall 2023
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The cover of In The Shadow of Quetzacoatl by Merilee Grindle shows a portrait of anthropologist Zlia Nuttall and several pre-Columbian symbols.
Fall 2023
Thumbnail reviews of new publications from the Wellesley community.More
The cover of Beyond This Harbor: Adventurous Tales of te Heart by Rose Burgunder Styron '50 depcits and abstract sea and shoreline.
Fall 2023
Rose Burgunder Styron ’50 recounts a glamorous and adventurous life as a poet, activist, mother, and wife in her delightful memoir, Beyond This Harbor.More
An illustration shows a woman opening a window shaped like an open book.
Fall 2023
Wellesley reached out to a range of alums in publishing—from author Jasmine Guillory ’97 to agents, editors, and a bookseller—for their thoughts about the industry today and advice for getting an idea out of the notebook and into the hands of readers.More
Mila Cuda ’22
Fall 2023
Though she had a considerable background in poetry by age 18, Mila Cuda ’22 initially resisted the urge to major in English. A spoken word poet at home in L.A., she thought studying creative writing would be too obvious a path—but she kept finding herself in English classes.More
A photo portrait of Eve Zimmerman, professor of Japanese.
Summer 2023
“Ever since I arrived at Wellesley in 2002, I have had students, time and time again, come to me and say, ‘I want to do a thesis on Haruki Murakami,’ or ‘I want to do an independent study on Murakami,’” says Eve Zimmerman, professor of Japanese.More
Eve Zimmerman, Haruki Murakami, and Koichi Hagimoto, associate professor of Spanish, on stage in Alumnae Hall.
Summer 2023
Diana Chapman Walsh Alumnae Hall auditorium was packed as acclaimed Japanese author Haruki Murakami gave the annual Cornille Lecture. Murakami was the Mary L. Cornille Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Humanities for the spring semester. His presence on campus generated great excitement: The first night tickets were available, 430 Wellesley students registered for his lecture.More
An illustration shows a figure running across a field through the rain toward a warmly lit cottage.
Summer 2023
In September 2022, Monica Byrne ’03 gave most of her possessions away and put the rest in storage. “The pandemic had erased my life,” she writes, “and I had to start over.”More
A collage illustration depicts protest signs saying "Women, Life, Freedom," and showing Masha Amini. The images evoke the red, green, and black of the Iranian flag.
Summer 2023
The “woman, life, freedom” movement shares the language and struggle of other uprisings worldwide, writes anthropologist Narges Bajoghli ’04.More