Student Life

A senior at Stepsinging reads from the songbook.
Summer 2019
After 120 years, why had Stepsinging endured? Darcy Kupferschmidt ’12 says, “The entire event is such a fun opportunity to see the creative and silly side of Wellesley students. The competitive cheers are witty, and it’s such a good opportunity to make some noise on what can be a very quiet campus.”More
A portrait of Martha Goldberg Aronson '89, president of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association
Spring 2019
As I meet alumnae from all over the world, I continue to be moved by their stories of connection to Wellesley and to each other. Whether we had a neighbor who told us about Wellesley, or the College admissions team came to our high school, or we saw photos of the glorious campus (either online or in a brochure), we each have our own story about how we found our way to Wellesley.More
A portrait of Kyiah Ashton ’19, who uses the prounouns she/they, which was featured in an exhibit of student photography during Trans Awareness Week on campus.
Spring 2019
For a week in March, the faces of trans and nonbinary students gazed down from the walls of the Jewett hallway gallery—rich, beautiful portraits captured by fellow students, captioned with names and the pronouns the subjects use.More
Cathy Ye ’19 stands next to professional lighting equipment.
Spring 2019
Cathy Ye ’19 on her semester at Cinema Sarah Lawrence on Nantucket Island, learning professional filmmaking skills, and faking it till you make it.More
Portrait of Shania Baldwin ’21
Spring 2019
“In the black community, there’s often a stigma around getting therapy,” Shania Baldwin ’21 says, but research could help break that stigma. “Data could show people that it’s OK to seek help.”More
An illustration depicts Wellesley College buildings enclosing a flourishing garden in which several students are sitting, walking, and speaking in a group.
Spring 2019
“Inclusive excellence” might sound like a catchphrase. But not at Wellesley College. Here, the words have become a touchstone. As President Paula Johnson says, “… [T]rue excellence really requires equity, inclusion, and intellectual openness at all levels of learning and in all aspects of our community, from our academic program to our students’ experience of campus life.”More
Two students wearing hijabs (head scarves) enjoy food at the Al-Muslimat 30th anniversary celebration.
Winter 2019
Al-Muslimat (“the Muslim women,” or ALM) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year as a vibrant organization that serves students from many different cultural backgrounds, countries, and religious traditions—comprising roughly 6 percent of the student body.More
A photo shows five student actors reading student playwrights' work.
Winter 2019
An ambitious new experiment in collaboration took place in the theatre department this winter: The Wellesley College Theatre Studies Showcase featured students from multiple courses, from acting and playwriting to scenic design and stand-up comedy.More
A photo portrait of Anani Galindo ’19 standing in a mountainous landscape in Chile
Winter 2019
Anani Galindo ’19 studied abroad in Santiago, Chile. “I have always loved the Spanish language. Additionally, Chile is living through a very interesting time, socially, politically, and culturally. I wanted to see it with my own eyes.”More
A photo portrait of Kavindya Thennakoon ’19
Winter 2019
On Oct. 11, 2013, the United Nation’s International Day of the Girl, Kavindya Thennakoon ’19 addressed Sri Lanka’s Parliament about the state of girls and young women in the country.More