Class Notes

Photo by Richard Howard

Some members of the purple class of ’58 knit their own parade insignia. Butterflies and flowers completed their marching gear.


Barbara Bluestein Simons ’62

Barbara Bluestein Simons ’62

It was the early 2000s when Barbara Bluestein Simons ’62 started to speak up. Congress had just passed the Help America Vote Act after Florida’s “hanging chad” debacle during the presidential election, and states swimming in cash were clamoring to invest in shiny new…More
Valeria Wicker ’02

Valeria Wicker ’02

A mid-April blizzard was on its way, and Valeria Wicker ’02 was scared for her community. Hundreds of houses were without power at the Rosebud Indian Reservation in Mission, S.D. Some were newly power-less after a heat assistance program ended on March 31, and others had been living that way…More

Tanekwah Hinds ’15

Not all medical care is created equal. “The LGBTQ community faces various health disparities,” Tanekwah Hinds ’15 says. “One in five transgender folks have been turned away from a provider. And LGBTQ folks are less likely to seek medical attention.” Addressing these…More

In Memoriam

Photo of Wellesley lantern
Tributes to recently departed alumnae written by family members and Wellesley friends.More