A head shot portrait of a smiling Meagan Lizarazo '04
Spring 2019
When Meagan Lizarazo ’04 was a first-year at Wellesley, she used marshmallows and Twizzlers to construct “DNA” in her introductory biology class. Little did she know that the simple exercise foreshadowed a 15-year career at iGEM, a nonprofit that has shaped the field of synthetic biology.More
A portrait of Andrea Sequeira, a professor of biological sciences, in her lab.
Spring 2019
Andrea Sequeira, a professor of biological sciences, is perhaps most at home in the field, tromping up and down volcanoes or trudging through vegetation while doggedly hunting for answers to big evolutionary questions such as, “How do new species form?”More
Portrait of Shania Baldwin ’21
Spring 2019
“In the black community, there’s often a stigma around getting therapy,” Shania Baldwin ’21 says, but research could help break that stigma. “Data could show people that it’s OK to seek help.”More
Anne Madden, wearing red rain boots, crouches in a field
Spring 2019
When most people learn about bacteria or fungi around them, they grab the cleaning spray. Anne Madden ’06 grabs a petri dish and hopes to discover a new species, a novel antibiotic, or even a way to brew a better beer.More
A photographic portrait of Susan Richards Windham-Bannister ’72
Winter 2019
In 2008, soon after Susan Richards Windham-Bannister ’72 agreed to lead the newly created $1 billion Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, her mother asked her an understandable question: “This is a big job. … Do you know how to do this?”More
A photo portrait of Alden Griffith, assistant professor of environmental studies
Winter 2019
Alden Griffith, assistant professor of environmental studies, has tundertaken a large-scale field experiment throughout New England on the aggressive invasive plant species Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard).More
An illustration depicts a blue thunderbolt.
Winter 2019
For a year, the College’s Power4Women task force, composed of trustees, faculty, staff, and students, looked at how to best meet Wellesley’s energy needs while also working toward the goals of the sustainability plan adopted in 2016.More
A photo shows Alden Griffith and Kim McLeod on guitar and mandolin serenading a listener around a campfire beside Paramecium Pond
Winter 2019
Before the winter’s cold, there was music in the landscape. In the golden light of a fall afternoon, professors Alden Griffith and Kim McLeod on guitar and mandolin serenaded listeners with folk favorites like “Stewball…More
2018 Alumnae Achievement Awards
Winter 2019
Wellesley’s highest honor was presented to Camara Jones ’76, a physician who has been a champion of racial and economic health equity, and quantum astrophysicist Nergis Mavalvala ’90, who is part of the team that detected gravitational waves.More
A photo of Katrina Mitchell '96.
Fall 2018
Early on, Katrina Mitchell ’96 learned to look beyond herself to meeting the needs of a larger extended community. Her journey has taken her from the Children’s Defense Fund to the United Way of Greater Atlanta, where she is executive director of the Child Well-Being Movement.More