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My friend Robbin Chapman, associate provost and academic director of diversity and inclusion, tells the story of the day she started at the College, when she first experienced the Wellesley phenomenon named Irma Tryon.More
The Travelers
Dr. Veronica Ades ’99 tells Wellesley magazine about the differences between prenatal care in the US and in Uganda, the joy of seeing a patient recover from abuse, and the unexpected benefits of saying “vagina” a lot.More
Window on Wellesley
Zilpa Oduor ’18 was a summer intern in the Albany, N.Y., field office of the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, where she helped refugees, many of them Syrian, get settled by shopping for food, setting up apartments, and developing employment plans.More
When the 2016–17 academic year starts, for the first time ever, house presidents and residence assistants will be paid for the work they do for the Wellesley community.More
The Wellesley Emerging Scholars Initiative (WESI) encourages persistence and helps underrepresented students complete their calculus courses.More
Shelf Life
If suffragist Lucy Stone’s name is recalled at all, it’s likely because she kept it when she married, as an act of rebellion against women’s second-class status in 19th-century America.More
Susan McCarty’s debut collection of stories, Anatomies, features tales that often hinge around our bodies, our desires, our needs.More
As the Syrian refugee crisis deepened, we talked with Elizabeth Holzer ’00, who studies how people re-engage with politics in situations of violence and instability.More
It seems there was something mystical about this little dog. About his understanding, about the way his big eyes would gaze into our eyes, about his real and true friendships.More
Dear Wellesley College Alumnae: As you know, the Alumnae Achievement Award is the highest honor Wellesley bestows on alumnae. Historically, the beautiful award ceremony has been held in February….More
On Oct. 14, the WCAA will honor the achievements of Marian Fox Burros ’54, Maria Morris Hambourg Barlow ’71, and Debra Knopman ’75More