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I won big in the parking lottery of life years ago when I was assigned to the Founders lot in the center of campus. I’m thankful for it every winter when I don’t have to…More
Window on Wellesley
Following a trend among college stations, WZLY is investigating selling its frequency and only broadcasting online.More
We think we know Martin Luther King, Jr.; his image has long been appropriated by American popular culture. But this etching and aquatint by John Wilson—owned by the Davis Museum—compels us to look again.More
Melissa “Missy” Siner Shea ’89, who started as the executive director of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association in late January, sees her return to campus as “a second chance.”More
Shelf Life
Early in this transporting novel, the protagonist, 25-year-old television reporter Ali Sikandar, wonders, “How many other families lived like fractured glass, cracked but still holding up within the constraints of their frames?” It’s an elegant and potent metaphor about a family left shattered.More
If you’ve looked at the weekly bestseller list recently, chances are you’ve seen a young adult (or YA) novel at or near the top. The novels, which combine fast-moving plots, love triangles, and strong teenage protagonists, are popular with both teenage and adult readers.More
My cat would not shut up. Pacing, mewing, pacing and mewing. To be fair, Bianca Marcel was a city cat, a purebred Siamese who came to me with a folder of papers documenting her lineage…More
Letters to the Editor
Thank goodness you are still printing in magazine form so I can continue to “thumb” (“From the Editor,” fall ’14)! And, yes, I do have a computer, iPhone, and tablet. Gertrude Bove Parton ’63, Little Silver, N.J.More