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Alumnae Achievement Awards 2016
Achievement awards—and the hand-in-hand prospect of discussing one’s career in front of an Alumnae Hall-sized crowd of students—have a way of making a person reflective. As Marian Fox Burros ’54 started preparing her remarks, looking…More
The flat coastal plain of Houston, where Maria Morris Hambourg ’71 spent her 1950s childhood, appeared to sprout tall buildings overnight “like mushrooms,” she says. Her architect father, S.I. Morris, was responsible for many of…More
The career of Debra Knopman ’75 didn’t go quite the way she’d planned. When she arrived at Wellesley, she thought she was going to major in economics. But she didn’t. After she settled on a…More
Paula A. Johnson pretty much had me the moment she took off her designer heels and marched across the soggy ground in her stocking feet.More
Window on Wellesley
The ruby red class of ’16 waved checkered flags at commencement, a nod to speaker Lulu Chow Wang ’66’s hobby restoring and driving vintage racecars.More
Co-captains Meg Roberts ’16 and Olivia Thayer ’16 attribute the crew team’s success to their attitude—acknowledging that they had what it took to win a championship.More
More than 200 alumnae, students, faculty, and staff came together to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Harambee House over a weekend’s worth of events.More
The Roger Duffy Studio at Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, based in New York City, has been selected as the architect for the renovation of the Science Center.More
Shelf Life
There is no substitute for actually visiting Philip Johnson’s Glass House in Connecticut. Just make sure to read this book before you go—you will be well prepared and ready to experience its genius loci with fresh eyes.More
In this debut novel, Variny Yim ’90 tells the story of three generations of Cambodian women coming to terms with life in the United States after the horrific losses of the Cambodian genocide.More
This reunion marked President H. Kim Bottomly’s final “State of the College” address to alumnae. Listening to her describe all that is happening on campus and among our exceptional students and faculty, I could not help but think of the remarkable journey on which President Bottomly has led Wellesley.More
The Wellesley College Alumnae Association was deeply saddened by the unexpected death of WCAA board member Janet McCaa ’64 on June 5.More
The Alumnae Association will award Wellesley’s highest honor—the Alumnae Achievement Awards—in front of a much larger audience this year. The award ceremony has been shifted to Oct. 14, part of the College’s Very Wellesley Weekend…More
Ask me what I’m doing right now, and the answer is “I have no idea.” So everyone else looks as though they know what they’re doing with their lives, so what? They’re all probably just better at faking it than I am.More