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What I see in our wider community gives me great hope. I see people, though sometimes stretched almost to breaking, going further and doing more. I see wit, and intelligence, and the ability to seek out facts and analyze them. I see empathy for those who are marginalized or in need—and a desire to take action to help.More
Window on Wellesley
Jabulani, the Zulu word for “rejoice,” was the theme of the joint Wellesley and MIT African students associations’ Mamaland cultural show on Nov. 5.More
For Abigail Harrison ’19, traveling to Mars is a goal she’s been working toward since she was a child, and thousands of people on social media and online have been watching her chase it since she was in the eighth grade.More
The new set of stained glass windows in Houghton Memorial Chapel were designed by artist Jeffrey Gibson, a Native American with Southern Baptist roots, and assembled in part by women weavers of Mayan ancestry in Guatemala.More
When the organizers of the Wellesley College Alumnae of Boston chose a venue for the celebration of the club’s 125th year, they had no idea that their keynote speaker had held her wedding there.More
If you ever wondered what your Alumnae Association does beyond hosting reunion and publishing the magazine and this website, take a look.More
Shelf Life
In 2010, a Paris apartment that had been shuttered for decades was opened, revealing a wealth of antiques, paintings, and other artifacts of a time long past.More
50 Ways to Wear Denim explores the history of denim, offering ideas for wearing anything from bell-bottoms to jean jackets.More
One of the most disappointing days of my life was when I found out that Nora Ephron ’62 never wrote the line, “I’ll have what she’s having.”More