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Gold oak-leaf pin given to Alumnae Achievement Award recipients
To honor the 50th anniversary of the Alumnae Achievement Awards, what if we just let their achievements inspire us to make an impact wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, and stop using them as a yardstick to measure our own supposed shortcomings?More
A professor teaches a course in a new classroom by the data lounge.
This fall, the L-wing in the Science Center opened after a year of renovations. Among the new additions are a spacious data lounge, improved teaching labs and faculty labs, new active-learning classrooms, and plenty of common spaces for collaborating and relaxing.More
Portrait of Dave Chakraborty
The College is building a new Science Center, renovating residential halls that have significant needs, and looking at how to become carbon neutral by 2040. Meet the man with the plan, Dave Chakraborty, assistant vice president of facilities management and planning.More
Portrait of Brenna Greer
On the cover of Brenna Greer’s recent book, Represented: The Black Imagemakers Who Reimagined African American Citizenship , a fashionably dressed young African-American couple relax on a midcentury modern couch in front of a coffee…More
Antique wooden hydrodeik
John Cameron, professor emeritus of biology, has cataloged some 1,600 objects from labs past. As Wellesley looks to the future of science on campus, Cameron showed us some of his favorite items from its past.More
A photo shows Kathryn Harvet Macintosh '03 in front of Green Hall.
In the weeks before I started this job, I received two gifts from two important women in my life—one a childhood (and then Wellesley) friend, and one a professional mentor. My new coffee mug and my new insulated stemless wine glass are emblazoned with the same message: “You’ve got this.”More
A photo portrait shows young alumnae trustee Shivani Kuckreja '16.
Shivani Kuckreja ’16 is the young alumnae director on the WCAA Board of Directors, where she amplifies the young alum perspective.More
A photo shows Keith Lockhart, conductor of the Boston Pops, with astronaut Pam Melroy '83, during a concert celebrating the anniversary of the moon landing in 1969.
Astronaut Pamela Melroy ’83 joined conductor Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops for a musical look back at the summer of ’69.More
The cover image of Parenting Our Parents depicts silhouettes of elderly people supported by their caregivers. The figures are standing, using a walking, a using a wheelchair, each with a caregiver standing beside them.
Parenting Our Parents: Transforming the Challenge into a Journey of Love hones in on the life-changing experience of becoming your parents’ parent when they can no longer care for themselves.More
The cover image of Sea Sirens depicts an underwater scene of a Vietnamese-American surfer girl holding her one-eyed cat.
Amy Chu ’89 has published her second middle-grade graphic novel, Sea Sirens , inspired by L. Frank Baum’s The Sea Fairies .More
A cut of tea.
The two of us were an unlikely pair: Renee was an 80-something, British-born widow who had been uprooted from her retirement community in Florida to join her son and his wife in Poland. I was a 22-year-old American completing an international fellowship working with Polish Holocaust survivors.More