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Window on Wellesley
Construction is well under way on Pendleton West for a new center for the creative arts.More
Cameran Lougy Mason ’84, vice president of resources and public affairs at the College, thinks of the newly launched comprehensive campaign—Wellesley’s Campaign to Advance the Wellesley Effect—on a personal level.More
For 40 years, Bunny Harvey’s students have cherished her lively curiosity, bracing critiques, and no-nonsense approach. And they have taken to heart her example on how to live a rich, full life.More
Sometimes it’s the haircut that indicates that the Wellesley Effect is kicking in. One of the joys of being in the editor’s chair for a long time is watching how our student workers grow and…More
Shelf Life
The financial press is awash with advice on paying down debt, building up savings, and maximizing one’s investments. But there’s one financial topic far too often overlooked that we will all—fate willing—confront one day.More
In rural China in 1881, a child named Jinhua is sold to a brothel owner in the wake of her mandarin father’s beheading, forcing her into a career as a courtesan. Debut novelist Alexandra Curry’s fictional Jinhua is based on an actual Chinese woman of the same name.More
Here’s to the simple joy of time alone in one’s own home. This day feels like a gift, and instead of doing all the things I should be doing, I decide to allow myself to do what I want to do—which on this day is not very much at all.More
Alumnae Leadership Council brought several hundred WCAA volunteers to campus in October for training and planning—and for celebrating extraordinary leadership in their ranks. The group applauded four recipients of the association’s Sed Ministrare Award, given annually to honor the service of dedicated volunteers.More
That’s the approximate number of Wellesley alumnae around the world who volunteer their time to the College, their class, local club, or special interest group.More