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  • Congrats to Ellice Patterson ’16, who received one of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce’s 10 Outstanding Young…
  • RT : Who wants to help students with remote internships? Submit a project now for work to be done in January.
  • We think “incipit vita nova” in particular is well suited to a morning cup of coffee. New life. Time to begin again…
A stack of blank puzzle pieces
One of the things I like most about puzzles is you can’t see the whole picture at once—it unveils itself gradually, if you persist. These days, as an inveterate planner, I sometimes find myself a little frustrated when I can’t make decisions in an efficient way.More
Alumnae Valley in summer
In late June, as this issue was going to press, President Paula A. Johnson announced the College’s preliminary plan for the 2020–21 academic year, a year that will begin as the coronavirus pandemic continues in the United States and around the world.More
Karina Alvarado ’20
About 180 students stayed on campus after in-person classes abruptly halted in mid-March. One of them, Karina Alvarado ’20, tells us her experience. (Photograph by Sandra Riaño ’21)More
Students in Tower Court during the 1918–19 academic year
“Returning to college is no longer the matter-of-fact event it used to be for the majority. There is a new question arising and growing daily in proportion—‘Have I the right to stay in college?’”More
Survival Robot (2020), a two-story tall humanoid figure holding two colorful staffs and wearing a shift made of colorful, pieced-together shapes, surrounded by smaller colorful boxes
When Associate Professor of Art David Teng-Olsen was spending two years creating Survival Robot (2020), a piece of art designed to withstand disaster, little did he know how soon it would be put to the test by a global pandemic.More
By the end of the book, readers will have a deeper, richer understanding of the long struggle to win the right to vote and the three generations of women—and occasionally men—who made this struggle their priority.More
Though this anthology’s 16 stories feature unreal beings, technologies, and powers, they’re grounded in the real historical and contemporary strength of Black people, resulting in Black girl magic that is wholly believable even as it is otherworldly.More
Anne Devereux-Mills ’84
In 2008, Anne Devereux-Mills ’84, an advertising agency CEO, lost her job to the recession, her youngest child to college, and (temporarily) her health to cancer. The experiences set her on a new path. Ultimately,…More
Cover of Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory '97
Recent publications by Wellesley authorsMore
Martha Goldberg Aronson
While there is so much uncertainty, it is comforting and, honestly, quite inspirational, to see how our College administration and our alumnae are working through the many phases of this pandemic.More
A stack of colorful notecards
Much is made of the Wellesley motto and its imperative to serve others, but it is a sentiment that rings true for many alumnae, especially during times of crisis.More
The Alumnae Association welcomes five new board members: Laura Wood Cantopher ’84, Laura Sue Cohen D’Annunzio ’85, Lauren Young Durbin ’99, Amy Huang ’99, and Leilani Stacy ’18.More
Jamila Wignot ’00
“Tragedy seems to be the way, in this country, that we acknowledge something wrong is going on.”More
Architect Denise Villar de Castro ’98 and her collaborators stand in an emergency quarantine facility they created outside the Taguig Pateros District Hospital.
“To see the bayanihan spirit every day in the selfless and generous efforts of everyone involved in this project gives me hope that we can indeed build as one to heal as one through this pandemic.”More
Ruth “Sue” Ballenger Bottigheimer
“What you see and what you think about fairy tales has been so covered over by layers of assumptions that it takes real research to figure it out.”More
A piece of type for the capital letter R, in a serif font
There is no one thing at Wellesley that grants us closure at the end of each year. Really, I tried to come up with something, some meaningful symbol of mid-May at Wellesley College, but instead I uncovered a collection of mental snapshots—of seemingly forgettable slivers.More