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On a warm May afternoon, a large group of us gathered in Pendleton West 212 to hear Professor of Political Science Rob Paarlberg address his class on international economic policy one last time.More
Window on Wellesley
On May 29, the yellow class of 2015 stood and waved copies of We Should All Be Feminists by award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, their commencement speaker, as she took to the podium to deliver her address.More
The renovation and addition to Pendleton West, slated to be completed in the fall of 2016, is the largest project to date of the Campus Renewal Program.More
As walkers on the Lake Waban path stroll past the Wellesley Boathouse this summer, they will find a refreshed and brightened structure—and a pleasant new patio where they can stop to catch their breath.More
Shelf Life
The perfect way to start luxuriating in Nancy Harmon Jenkins’ new book, Virgin Territory: Exploring the World of Olive Oil , is at your kitchen table over a glass of wine.More
Robin Chase ’80 changed my life in 2001. Or rather, her then early-stage startup, Zipcar, did. Suddenly this carless Bostonian could get places—to the beach, to the grocery store—that before had been difficult or impossible to reach.More
A literary talent to watch, Lauren Holmes ’07 was named a 2014 New Voice by the influential literary magazine Granta. Her first collection of short stories comes out in August.More
I paused on the side of the bike trail to sip from my water bottle, gazing at Milwaukee’s awesome lakefront. I moved back on the trail, glanced behind, and mounted up.More
For Georgia Murphy Johnson ’75, Wellesley is a family affair. One of her favorite Wellesley memories is from 2013, when she was on the Alumnae Association Board of Directors. Her daughter, Katherine “Katie” Johnson ’03,…More