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Photograph of two "Marie Biscuits", aka vanilla cookies
I realized that in my mind’s ear, I can hear the voice of each one of them: Lynn Sherr ’63, Cokie Boggs Roberts ’64, Linda Cozby Wertheimer ’65, and Diane Sawyer ’67. For decades, I have seen or heard them covering space shuttle launches, analyzing election returns, interviewing world leaders, and anchoring the nightly news.More
Portrait of Diana Lam ’20
Diana Lam ’20, College Government president, started as a political science major, but switched to peace and justice studies. Last fall, she did an independent study focusing on applying peace and justice theories to her work with CG.More
A close up of a historiated initial featuring a saint in a slightly twisted position, unusual for the time.
With help from the MFA’s conservation lab, Special Collections undertook an investigation to figure out whether parts of one of the College’s Book of Hours was forged.More
Genevieve Clutario
Pulling from a range of sources—from the personal to pop-cultural to academic—is not only a feature of Genevieve Clutario’s teaching style, but of her academic research and education path as well.More
The cover of Bells of Old Tokyo by Anna Sherman '92 consists of type superimposed over a map of Tokyo
A quick visit to Tokyo leaves an impression of speed, density, and efficiency. But years of wandering down its endless streets complicate this vision, offering a more heterogeneous version of place.More
The cover of Dune Song by Anissa Bouziane depicts the closed door of a Moroccan house.
Dune Song , the debut novel by Anissa Bouziane ’87, shares the spiritual and physical journey of Jeehan Nathaar, a Moroccan-American Muslim woman who seeks healing and affirmation after witnessing the 9/11 attacks.More
The cover of Apple/Tree : Writers on their Parents consists of black and white type against a red background.
In “The Feeding Gene,” an essay by Karen Grigsby Bates ’73 in the collection Apple, Tree describes her memories of her family’s powerful need to feed others, including strangers.More
Martha Goldberg Aronson ’89, president, Wellesley College Alumnae Association, sits on a bench outside Green Hall
As I listened to the 2019 Alumnae Achievement Award recipients in Alumnae Hall last October, I was struck by how many generations of students had come before, and how timeless the advice was.More
The members of the WCAA board pose in the College Club.
Dolores Arredondo ’95 talks about what she does in her role as a WCAA board member, what she gets out of the experience, and what makes the board different from others she’s served on.More
Photograph of empty fish bowl
When I was a kid, I wanted pets as substitute friends. I loved my dogs and turtles, fish and birds, because they loved me, kept me company, were always there for me. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that animals helped me find my people.More