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Window on Wellesley
A century ago, the Wellesley College class of 1914 graduated a mere 13 weeks after the devastating early-morning fire that robbed the College of its central building, but not its spirit.More
To the townspeople of Wellesley, it’s a premier place to walk dogs and dig in the dirt, victory-garden style. To most students, it’s terra incognita—a place they never set foot, unless they are into organic farming.More
The letters of Anne Whitney, a 19th-century American sculptor and poet, are a treasure trove of information about the globe-trotting intelligentsia of her time.More
No matter how old we are, we have to ask ourselves—do we have places for play and daydreaming, for recharging and enjoying the moment? Are we actually using them?More
Shelf Life
Set during the turbulent years of the Vietnam War, The Beauty of Ordinary Things, the newest novel by Harriet Scott Chessman ’72, explores young Benny Finn’s return to everyday American life after his wartime…More
What’s the buzz? Katherine Collins ’90, C.E.O. and founder of Honeybee Capital, is changing the landscape of investing with her new book, The Nature of Investing. A seasoned investment professional, Collins was head of…More
I was having trouble hearing her. With rolling blackouts in Lahore, Pakistan, and a faulty Skype line, we wouldn’t get far that day. Through rough crackles, I heard Humaira say, “Dearest, I can’t hear you!…More
I’ve timed everything exactly—clothes on, hair and teeth brushed, gym clothes by the door (hope springs eternal!), and just enough time to make a cup of coffee before I sprint to the car. The enticing…More
We heard from quite a number of alumnae moms that the spring cover was a big hit with the under-five set. Right after her magazine arrived, Kathryn Harvey Mackintosh ’03 sent this picture.More