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Illustration of woman holding planet Earth
Climate change is not a myth. The need for sustainable practices is very real. With this issue, we seek to amplify these voices in our wider community calling for action—large and small, global and local.More
During the Cassini mission, Wellesley students from majors far and wide joined forces with Professor Richard French to calculate trajectories and crunch data, leaving their mark on a NASA mission that, for some, permanently imprinted itself on their own lives.More
Portrait of Sheilah Shaw Horton, Wellesley’s new dean of students,
The highest priority for Sheilah Shaw Horton, Wellesley’s new dean of students, is getting to know the Wellesley community. So far, she’s been very impressed with how supportive students are of one another.More
Portrait of professor Jay Turner
“When I think of what matters in terms of environment, it’s not the outdoors. It’s not national parks. It’s air pollution and water pollution and issues of environment and public health,” says Jay Turner, associate professor of environmental studies.More
Dan Brabander wearing a jaunty orange scarf.
To discover more about the intersection of environmental studies, geosciences, and scarves, we spoke with Dan Brabander, professor of geosciences, Frost Professor in Environmental Science, and resident “scarf guy” on campus.More
The cover of Creekfinding is a woodcut showing a trout leaping from a stream surrounded by tall reeds from which peer a heron, bees, a woodpecker, a dog, two children, and a man. A frog sits on a rock in the water and dragonflies flit overhead.
“How does a creek get lost?” So begins Creekfinding , the inspiring, true-life tale by Jacqueline Briggs Martin ’66 of a trout creek buried beneath the Iowa prairie.More
The cover of The Paris Spy is an illustration of Maggie Hope looking at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, from which a Nazi flag flies.
The cost of war—both in human lives and the moral questions raised by the actions necessary to win—is at the heart of The Paris Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal ’91, her latest entry into the Maggie Hope mystery series.More
The cover image of From Sea to Shining Sea is a painting showing a figure--likely Katharine Lee Bates--looking out across a glowing ocean.
When we sing “America the Beautiful,” or think of the Bates dorm on campus, we connect Katharine Lee Bates, class of 1880, with our alma mater. Melinda Ponder ’66 has dedicated 25 years to researching the life of this extraordinary alumna.More
Illustration of a cute bee
The Hive allows alums and students to connect as mentors or as mentees, search for jobs and internships shared by alumnae and students, participate in discussion groups to connect with others around shared career interests and identities, and more.More
Alumnae at the 2017 New York City Pride March
The Wellesley Alum Pride Alliance (WAPA), the WCAA’s newest special interest group, seeks to connect with as many LGBTQ+ alums as possible.More
A winter wren perches on a snowy branch.
I had never seen a winter wren until yesterday, when I made the introductory tour of Hedgebrook’s woods with Barton. An excellent naturalist, he reeled off the names of trees and shrubs and mushrooms until…More