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The Hummer sisters in an early holiday photo. The future Wellesley magazine editor is in the center.
In the middle of the lockdown in April, my sister sent me some outtakes she had found from those long-ago family Christmas shots—bad haircuts, pouting, tears, and all. I hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time. Who would have thought that decades later, those pictures would have brought much-needed cheer during a pandemic?More
Tatiana Ivy Moise ’21
“I love connecting people to things that they need, or people to people whom they don’t even know that they need to meet, or could benefit from meeting. I love being that middle person, and that’s ultimately what College Government is,” says CG President Tatiana Ivy Moise ’21.More
Once the decision was made to have students return to campus in the fall, it was all hands on deck as everyone raced to make sure it could happen, and would happen as safely as possible.More
Illustration of a woman sitting on a dock, dipping her toe in the water while looking at a smart phone, while a design of linked circles representing connections grows from where her foot touches the surface
COVID-19 may have put a stop to in-person internships, but Wellesley students still gained valuable on-the-job experience this past spring and summer, thanks to alumnae.More
The cover of This Is One Way to Dance shows an image of a swirling red Indian skirt.
This Is One Way to Dance , a debut collection of essays by Sejal Shah ’94, encourages anyone forgotten by white America to: Take. Up. Space.More
The cover of Hill Women shows black-and-white photo of a mother standing by a pickup truck holding a baby while a young boy stands alongside.
Hill Women captures with grace and nuance the identity of Appalachian women, and in doing so acknowledges the role that luck, education, and community play in changing a life.More
A black-and-white photo of author reveals her upper-arm tattoo of a fox holding a pen.
The first title in the Derby Daredevils series debuted this spring and won praise from the American Library Association for its “fierce” female characters. We caught up with the author by phone at her home in Albuquerque.More
Kathryn Harvey Mackintosh ’03 poses in the Academic Quad
I have been reminded by more than one alum that anti-racism is a lifelong journey, and I am humbled anew each time.More
Portraits of Jane Freedman Helmchen ’61, Mei-Mei Tuan ’88, Francine Miltenberger ’78, and Mana Unchino ’88
Jane Freedman Helmchen ’61, Mei-Mei Tuan ’88, Francine Miltenberger ’78, and Mana Unchino ’88 received the WCAA’s annual Sed Ministrare Volunteer Awards.More
Wellesley logo
Given the uncertainty of the global health situation, the College and the Alumnae Association have made the difficult decision that an in-person reunion will not be held on campus in June 2021.More
Tributes to Wellesley alumnae by family and friends.More
A bowl of fried rice
I’ve always been the type of person who eats while thinking about my next meal. It’s an excitement about eating that could be called a preoccupation, but in these not-so-normal times, that mindset feels like a gift.More
Dominique Hazzard ’12
“If you’re organizing every day and you have those relationships between yourselves and the community, then you can harness moments like this to really create change through direct action.”More
“I grappled with this idea that treating the patient with medicine wasn’t really working. … I thought, we really have to be there as human beings to comfort and console them and just hold their hand.”More
Vicky Tsai ’00
“My dream for Tatcha … is to stay small in spirit as we grow in size. Our logo is made up of four hearts, which represent what we cherish: our clients, our craft, our colleagues, and our community. My job is to make sure we always remember this.”More