A photo portrait of Edward Hobbes, professor of religion, in his College office
Fall 2018
Edwards Hobbs, professor of religion at Wellesley from 1981 to 2012, passed away on April 4. His scholarship concentrated on the hermeneutics, or interpretation theory, of Biblical texts.More
Heather Corbally Bryant, lecturer in the writing program
Fall 2018
Heather Corbally Bryant, lecturer in the writing program, hopes to help students put down their phones.More
Portrait of Elena Creef
Summer 2018
Elena Tajima Creef describes her work as “Asian American/African-American/Native American and Latino/a studies mixed in one big theoretical, critical, historical pot with cultural studies, feminist theory, and critical race studies.”More
Beth DeSombre sits with her dog on her lap.
Summer 2018
Beth DeSombre, Camilla Chandler Frost Professor of Environmental Studies and director of the Wellesley environmental studies program, is a political scientist whose work intersects with the real world every day.More
Megan Núñez
Summer 2018
Megan Núñez has devoted her career to solving microscopic mysteries, drawing on chemistry, biology, and physics while gathering clues and asking questions that bring her closer to answers.More
Faculty procesing during Commencement 2018
Summer 2018
This spring, 31 faculty members said good-bye to the Wellesley community. We asked them to look back at their time at Wellesley and reflect on their careers, how the College has changed, and what they’ll miss the most.More
A photo taken during the production of "Decisions" shows two student actresses sitting back-to-back on a dimly lit stage.
Summer 2018
For her final production after 28 years, Director of Theatre Nora Hussey worked with student actors and co-director and co-creator Lois Roach to mount an original one-act play, Decisions.More
Piper Orton, VP for finance and administration, and Andy Shennan, provost, chatting in Green Hall in front of beautiful old leaded windows
Summer 2018
How can Wellesley support the excellence of its programs and faculty, maintain need-blind admissions, and build for the future, all while eliminating an operating deficit and addressing deferred maintenance of buildings?More
An illustration shows a group of hands being raised, as if to say "Me, too."
Summer 2018
As potent as the #MeToo moment seems, once the media spotlight moves on, will the public desire and momentum for change falter?More
The cover image of Listen to the Land depicts a lush Southern woodland garden with green trees, orange and blue flowers, and a small stream.
Spring 2018
New books by Wellesley authorsMore