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Announcing a New Jewish SIG
Fall 2018
This fall, a new shared identity group, the WJA—Wellesley Jewish Alumnae—made its debut, It seeks to provide connections among Jewish alumnae of any denomination. “To be a member of WJA, an alumna need only self-identify as Jewish,” says Leah Kaplan ’02, the new SIG’s interim president.More
A photo portrait of Missy Siner Shea '89, executive director of the WCAA
Fall 2018
The work of the Alumnae Association requires a dual view of Wellesley. One eye is trained on a rearview mirror, so we can clearly see and understand the experiences and traditions of alumnae. And the other eye necessarily looks out the windows of our offices onto the Academic Quad, where we can bring into view today’s students.More
College Road
Fall 2018
Dena Bodian has joined the Religious and Spiritual Life team as Jewish chaplain and campus rabbi. She comes to Wellesley from Colgate University, where she spent seven years advising the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and atheist student groups as the associate university chaplain and director of Jewish life.More
From the Chair of the Wellesley College Board of Trustees
Fall 2018
I believe what makes Wellesley great has been its ability to provide our students with an education and an experience that derive unique worth from melding learning and circumstance current to their times with timeless values particular to Wellesley.More
An architectural rendering of the T.T. and W.F. Chao Foundation Innovation Hub
Fall 2018
The Science Center’s new addition will be sustainable, filled with light, and intuitive to navigate. It will promote collaboration across disciplines and have appropriately sized classrooms, more communal spaces, and better access and views to the surrounding landscape.More
Fall 2018
The historic success of the College’s comprehensive campaign has much to tell us about ourselves as a College, a community, and about what we must do next, as a leader in educating and empowering women.More
Two hands form a W.
Fall 2018
In honor of the campaign’s successful completion earlier this year, having exceeded its $500 million goal a year early, I offer you my own version of This Is the Place .More
A photo portrait of Nhia Solari '19
Fall 2018
In July, the College’s comprehensive campaign dedicated to the Wellesley Effect surpassed its ambitious $500 million goal, the largest ever set by a women’s college, concluding a full year ahead of schedule. Meet five members of the community who are already benefiting from that success.More
The gold oak leaf pin given to recipients of the Alumnae Achievement Award
The 2018 recipients of the Alumnae Achievement Awards, Wellesley’s highest honor, are Camara Jones ’76 and Nergis Mavalvala ’90.More
Summer 2018
2018 Alumnae Association eventsMore