A head and shoulders portrait of Selena Malla
Winter 2020
In 1998, Selena Malla ’02 left Nepal for Wellesley. Now, she manages one of the busiest advising centers in South and Central Asia for students who want to attend college in the United States.More
A photo portrait shows Betsy Palmer Eldridge  with her chin propped on a pile of antique books.
Winter 2020
Elisabeth “Betsy” Palmer Eldridge ’59 found her passion when she walked into the Book Arts Lab in Clapp Library.More
The cover of Bells of Old Tokyo by Anna Sherman '92 consists of type superimposed over a map of Tokyo
Winter 2020
A quick visit to Tokyo leaves an impression of speed, density, and efficiency. But years of wandering down its endless streets complicate this vision, offering a more heterogeneous version of place.More
Genevieve Clutario
Winter 2020
Pulling from a range of sources—from the personal to pop-cultural to academic—is not only a feature of Genevieve Clutario’s teaching style, but of her academic research and education path as well.More
Celebrating 10 Years Of the Albright Institute
Winter 2020
Madeleine Korbel Albright ’59, former Albright Fellows Halimatou Hima Moussa Dioula ’10, Esther Im ’12, Zsofia Schweger ’12, and Joseph Joyce, the Albright’s founding faculty director, were part of a panel marking the 10-year anniversary of the Albright Institute for Global Affairs.More
A photo inside the Global Flora conservatory shows a flourishing banyan tree. In the background, a student prepares to hand-water plants.
Fall 2019
The Global Flora Conservatory at the Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses, it steel frame clad in high-tech plastic, rides the curve of the ridge outside the Science Center and soars to 40 feet at its southwest end. The new structure is breathtaking inside and out.More
A student sets type
Summer 2019
The learning experience that students and other members of the Wellesley community have in the Book Arts Lab, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, is a fairly unusual one in our increasingly wired world, and one that people crave.More
A photo of mixed actinobacteria taken through a microscope.
Summer 2019
Photo by Scott Chimileski The Wellesley Fam Regarding the spring ’19 issue: Thanks @Wellesleymag for reminding me just how incredible it is to be part of the @Wellesley family. Currently reading the issue cover…More
Ancient World, Modern Tech
Summer 2019
Bryan Burns uses technology to allow his students to virtually move through an archaeological site from Early Mycenaean tombs in ancient Eleon, a dig site north of Athens.More
A photo shows a cross-section illustration of French aristocrats dancing at a wedding. The 18th-century festival book measures 25 inches high and 37 ½ inches across when open..
Summer 2019
Marie Crowley Sobalvarro ’88 was “shopping” at the TIOLI (Take It or Leave It) section of the transfer station in Harvard, Mass., when a large book caught her attention, and she took it home. When Ruth Rogers, curator of Special Collections at Clapp Library, saw it, she immediately knew it was valuable.More