The cover of Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Laos is a photograph of a young girl working at at outdoor loom.
Fall 2017
Recent publications by Wellesley authorsMore
The cover image of From Sea to Shining Sea is a painting showing a figure--likely Katharine Lee Bates--looking out across a glowing ocean.
Fall 2017
When we sing “America the Beautiful,” or think of the Bates dorm on campus, we connect Katharine Lee Bates, class of 1880, with our alma mater. Melinda Ponder ’66 has dedicated 25 years to researching the life of this extraordinary alumna.More
The cover of The Paris Spy is an illustration of Maggie Hope looking at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, from which a Nazi flag flies.
Fall 2017
The cost of war—both in human lives and the moral questions raised by the actions necessary to win—is at the heart of The Paris Spy by Susan Elia MacNeal ’91, her latest entry into the Maggie Hope mystery series.More
A photo of Lake Waban with tiger lilies in the foreground and Galen Stone Tower in the background.
Fall 2017
Wellesley is undertaking an ambitious plan to reduce its environmental footprint and engage with its beautiful campus in new ways—and has named 2017–18 the Year of Sustainability.More
An illustration shows Mercy Ngaruiya, known as Mama Mercy, surrounded by African wildlife and vegetation.
Fall 2017
Nature and humanity coexist, confoundingly at times, cheek by jowl in Kenya. Its major highway bisects Tsavo National Park, the country’s largest national park. Some 150,000 people live here among migrating zebra, giraffe, and antelopes, as well as lions, elephants, and buffalo.More
An illustration of a pink butterly
Fall 2017
Can we all think for a moment about the climate activists and environmentalists? On June 1, they watched the president of the United States announce his intention to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.More
A winter wren perches on a snowy branch.
Fall 2017
I had never seen a winter wren until yesterday, when I made the introductory tour of Hedgebrook’s woods with Barton. An excellent naturalist, he reeled off the names of trees and shrubs and mushrooms until…More
Portrait of Lorraine O'Grady ’55
The work of artist Lorraine O’Grady ’55 is reaching a new generation of curators and artists who prize her fierce independence, penetrating intellect, and willingness to take on the art establishment.More
A photo of Jin Yoo-Kim ’04
Summer 2017
For Jin Yoo-Kim ’04, all roads have led to film. There may have been a few tentative forays onto other career paths, but eventually the lure of the camera won out.More
A photo of Jennifer Hertz Levi ’85
Summer 2017
Jennifer Hertz Levi ’85 was a math major at Wellesley, which isn’t how many lawyers get their start. But she followed her interest in advocating for the GLBT community all the way to law school—and beyond.More