The cover of SAVING CENTRAL PARK depicts author Elizabeth Barlow Rogers leaning against a large rock outcropping in the park, with the silhouettes of skyscapers visible in the background.
Fall 2018
Elizabeth Barlow Rogers ’57, New York City’s first Central Park administrator and recipient of the 1989 Alumnae Achievement Award, has written a memoir/history of her remarkable leadership in restoring, conserving, and managing the city’s green heart.More
Announcing a New Jewish SIG
Fall 2018
This fall, a new shared identity group, the WJA—Wellesley Jewish Alumnae—made its debut, It seeks to provide connections among Jewish alumnae of any denomination. “To be a member of WJA, an alumna need only self-identify as Jewish,” says Leah Kaplan ’02, the new SIG’s interim president.More
A photo shows members of WAAD and WLAN dressed up and gathered for their annual tea in L.A.
Fall 2018
In June, Wellesley alumnae gathered in L.A for the 15th anniversary of the WAAD-WLAN annual tea, which they termed its “Quinceañera”—after the traditional celebration for a girl’s 15th birthday. WAAD is the Wellesley Alumnae of African Descent shared identity group and WLAN is the Wellesley Latina Alumnae Network.More
Heather Corbally Bryant, lecturer in the writing program
Fall 2018
Heather Corbally Bryant, lecturer in the writing program, hopes to help students put down their phones.More
Pressing Matters of Art
Fall 2018
The new printmaking studio where Phyllis McGibbon teaches boasts natural light, excellent ventilation, and a long, unbroken expanse of wall for displaying works in progress. Just as important, its proximity to new-media and other studios allows for collaboration.More
Actaeon, 1924, Paul Manship, Bronze on marble period base, 25 5/8 in. x 31 3/4 in. by 7 7/8 in., Gift of Mary White ’79
Fall 2018
After Paul Manship returned to New York from travels in Greece and Italy in 1912, he exhibited 96 cast bronzes made on his travels—and sold every single one. He was considered one of America’s preeminent sculptors in the period between the two world wars.More
A photo portrait of Nhia Solari '19
Fall 2018
In July, the College’s comprehensive campaign dedicated to the Wellesley Effect surpassed its ambitious $500 million goal, the largest ever set by a women’s college, concluding a full year ahead of schedule. Meet five members of the community who are already benefiting from that success.More
A photo of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., shows him speaking in Memphis on the eve of his assassination.
Fall 2018
Wellesley alumnae who came of age in 1968 and the years surrounding it remember it as a time when everything was questioned—government, institutions, and their own beliefs and values.More
A photo collage around the words "Home School" contains rocks and fatehrs, crayons, leaves, and child-size scissors.
Fall 2018
On a recent morning, I walked into my living room at 9 a.m. as I always do, ready to start the day, only to find that my three children had already started “school” without me. My oldest child, a 9-year-old boy, had dragged a small chalkboard easel up from the basement and was demonstrating simple addition and multiplication problems to his 6-year-old brother and 4-year-old sister, who sat on little chairs behind a child-sized table. I sat down on the couch, dumbfounded.More
Portrait of Elena Creef
Summer 2018
Elena Tajima Creef describes her work as “Asian American/African-American/Native American and Latino/a studies mixed in one big theoretical, critical, historical pot with cultural studies, feminist theory, and critical race studies.”More