Portrait of Nina Tumarkin in her office
Summer 2017
Back in the fall of 2015, when Nina Tumarkin was planning her new first-year writing seminar, Vladimir Putin: Personage, President, Potentate, she had no inkling how popular the course would be.More
Portrait of Professor Katharine Moon
Summer 2017
Mounting tensions in North Korea are keeping Katharine Moon busy. From an interview with Bloomberg, to a segment on C-SPAN, to writing an op-ed for CNN.com, she’s a go-to source for the media looking for insight into the impact North Korea’s advancing nuclear and missile threats could have on the world.More
Insects’ ­Evolutionary Secrets
Spring 2017
If you grow tomatoes, you might not be fond of tobacco hornworms—four-inch-long, bright-green caterpillars that can make short work of your crop’s leaves overnight. But Yui Suzuki, associate professor of biological sciences, has a soft spot for the chubby critters.More
The Ethics of Health Care
Spring 2017
Charlene Galarneau’s classes explore health in a way that touches on racism, sexism, and privilege—from water activism to transgender justice.More
The Chemistry Poet
Winter 2017
We talked with Mala Radhakrishnan, associate professor of chemistry, about poetry, research, and life at Wellesley.More
How Race Shapes Reality
Winter 2017
Markella “Kelly” Rutherford, associate professor of sociology, advises students in the College’s new interdisciplinary minor in comparative race and ethnicity.More
Keeping Wellesley Modern
Winter 2017
Alice Friedman, the Grace Slack McNeil Professor of Art, is a huge proponent of the Jewett Arts Center, Paul Rudolph’s breakthrough building completed in 1958.More
Tell Me a Story
Fall 2016
When Molly Bang ’65 was a Wellesley student, the idea of becoming a children’s author and illustrator seemed about as achievable as growing a magical beanstalk. But that’s exactly what she did.More
Doris Holmes Eyges
Summer 2016
Doris Holmes Eyges, lecturer emerita of English, died on Feb. 16 at the Brookhaven retirement community, in Lexington, Mass., where she had lived since 2007. She was 95. Doris was a class dean at Wellesley…More
Claire Zimmerman ’50
Summer 2016
Claire Zimmerman ’50, professor of psychology, died on March 17, after a prolonged illness. She joined the Wellesley faculty as an instructor in 1953, the year before she received her Ph.D. from Radcliffe College. She…More