Suddenly Shaken by Joy
Spring 2016
Two days before graduation, Associate Professor of American Studies Michael Jeffries offered the class of ’16 some thoughts as they were officially inducted into the Alumnae Association.More
Star Power
Spring 2016
Professor of Astronomy Kim McLeod’s enthusiasm for the cosmos is contagious. She’s observed with some of the biggest telescopes on Earth, but her favorite view is through Wellesley’s historic 12-in. refractor.More
Let’s Face It
Spring 2016
George Clooney is the most handsome actor in Hollywood. Not sure you agree? Assistant Professor of Psychology Jeremy Wilmer can settle the dispute.More
Race, History, and Art
Spring 2016
Assistant Professor of Art Nikki Greene likes to think outside the classroom. Art History 316, The Body: Race and Gender in Modern and Contemporary Art, is held in a small seminar room, but it’s possible for anyone in the world to listen in by searching for #ARTH316 on Twitter.More
The Steady Hand
Spring 2016
In a challenging era, President H. Kim Bottomly brought calm leadership and a global vision to Wellesley College.More
A New Look at Antiquities
Winter 2016
We caught up with Assistant Professor of Art Kimberly Cassibry about what’s new in antiquities and the art department, including the recently updated introductory art history course.More
Museums in the Age of Globalism
Winter 2016
Peggy Levitt, professor of sociology, wrote Artifacts and Allegiances: How Museums Put the Nation and the World on Display with a broad audience in mind.More
Math for Everyone
Winter 2016
The Wellesley Emerging Scholars Initiative (WESI) encourages persistence and helps underrepresented students complete their calculus courses.More
Campaign 2016: a Teach-In
Winter 2016
At every turn, the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign is setting itself apart from those of years past in huge ways. While the country is getting amped up for November, Wellesley is taking stock of some of this election’s most significant issues and trends. Six of the College’s own are here to help guide you through this unpredictable election.More
Pop Quiz: Should We Eat Cake?
Fall 2015
We caught up with Helena de Bres, associate professor of philosophy, to ask about what a philosopher does.More