Tell Me a Story
Fall 2016
When Molly Bang ’65 was a Wellesley student, the idea of becoming a children’s author and illustrator seemed about as achievable as growing a magical beanstalk. But that’s exactly what she did.More
Doris Holmes Eyges
Summer 2016
Doris Holmes Eyges, lecturer emerita of English, died on Feb. 16 at the Brookhaven retirement community, in Lexington, Mass., where she had lived since 2007. She was 95. Doris was a class dean at Wellesley…More
Claire Zimmerman ’50
Summer 2016
Claire Zimmerman ’50, professor of psychology, died on March 17, after a prolonged illness. She joined the Wellesley faculty as an instructor in 1953, the year before she received her Ph.D. from Radcliffe College. She…More
At the Blackboard
Summer 2016
We caught up with Professor of Physics Glenn Stark in his office in the Science Center, where a portrait of Albert Einstein smiles down from the bulletin board.More
An Eye On the Judiciary
Summer 2016
“They’re violating the spirit of the Constitution, and they know it,” Associate Professor of Political Science Nancy Scherer said when we spoke this spring about the refusal of Senate Republicans to hold hearings on the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court.More
The Intersection of Medieval and Modern
Summer 2016
Since Cord Whitaker’s childhood, growing up in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, and throughout his scholarship on African-American literature, medieval literature, and religion, he has been studying how the Middle Ages helped produce our understanding of race today.More
Decades of Dedication
Summer 2016
This year, the College marks the retirements of seven members of the faculty, who represent many decades of wisdom shared with generations of Wellesley students.More
Suddenly Shaken by Joy
Spring 2016
Two days before graduation, Associate Professor of American Studies Michael Jeffries offered the class of ’16 some thoughts as they were officially inducted into the Alumnae Association.More
Star Power
Spring 2016
Professor of Astronomy Kim McLeod’s enthusiasm for the cosmos is contagious. She’s observed with some of the biggest telescopes on Earth, but her favorite view is through Wellesley’s historic 12-in. refractor.More
Let’s Face It
Spring 2016
George Clooney is the most handsome actor in Hollywood. Not sure you agree? Assistant Professor of Psychology Jeremy Wilmer can settle the dispute.More