An illustration of a pink butterly
Fall 2017
Can we all think for a moment about the climate activists and environmentalists? On June 1, they watched the president of the United States announce his intention to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.More
A photo of Jin Yoo-Kim ’04
Summer 2017
For Jin Yoo-Kim ’04, all roads have led to film. There may have been a few tentative forays onto other career paths, but eventually the lure of the camera won out.More
A photo of Jennifer Hertz Levi ’85
Summer 2017
Jennifer Hertz Levi ’85 was a math major at Wellesley, which isn’t how many lawyers get their start. But she followed her interest in advocating for the GLBT community all the way to law school—and beyond.More
A photo of Jean Lipman-Blumen ’54
Summer 2017
In the 1950s, Jean Lipman-Blumen ’54 meandered through Wellesley’s vast meadows alongside Eleanor Roosevelt and into its Gothic academic halls with Madame Chiang Kai-shek (Mayling Soong Chiang, class of 1917).More
Wellesley students pose in front of a statue of Martine Luther King, Jr.
Summer 2017
From the age of 7, Kindred Obas ’19 grew up in Alabama, surrounded by the landmarks and steeped in the lore of the civil rights era. But she came to see the movement, her home,…More
Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69 and members of the class of ’17 greet each other before Commencement.
Summer 2017
Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69 urged the members of the class of ’17 to live the College motto, get involved in causes that matter to them, and not sit on the sidelines.More
A Filament Burns in Blue Degrees book cover
Summer 2017
Kendra Tanacea ’88, is a poet and full-time practicing trial lawyer, After Garrison Keillor recently featured two of her poems on his Writer’s Almanac show, she laughingly said, “I should be a playwright—it was such a thrill to hear it.”More
On the Road to Discovery
Summer 2017
When she was 26, Kate McCahill ’06 took to the open road, spending a year exploring South America solo. She tells her story in Patagonian Road .More
Farhana Khera ’91
Summer 2017
Farhana Khera ’91, executive director of Muslim Advocates, works on behalf of her faith community in the courtroom and on Capitol Hill.More
A drawing of a Syrian family meeting their new neighbor and her cat
Summer 2017
When a family from Syria moved in next door to Kate Erickson ’05 in L.A., members of the Wellesley community from around the world reached out to make them feel welcome in the United States.More