Student Life

You Gotta Want It
Summer 2016
After a brief set of instructions from Acting Dean of Students Adele Wolfson, the students flew down the lane, graduation robes flapping, like a colony of uncoordinated but determined bats.More
Suddenly Shaken by Joy
Spring 2016
Two days before graduation, Associate Professor of American Studies Michael Jeffries offered the class of ’16 some thoughts as they were officially inducted into the Alumnae Association.More
Procrastination Nation
Spring 2016
Got something important to do? Read this instead, and learn what drives us to put things off. And all you procrastinators can take heart: 90 to 95 percent of the population joins you in whiling away the hours.More
College Road
Spring 2016
You’ve heard of the Rhodes and the Marshall. Now there is the Schwartzman and Wellesley has one of the inaugural fellows. She will study and live at the newly constructed Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University in Beijing, all expenses paid.More
Viva Cuba
Spring 2016
Leah Kaplan ’17, a sociology major, spent a semester at the University of Havana. “Cuba’s societal history of ideology and revolution fascinated me, and I was genuinely interested in connecting with people from such a different background… ” she says.More
Fellows for the Future
Spring 2016
In February, a large group of alumnae and current students from the Madeleine Korbel Albright ’59 Institute for Global Affairs gathered on campus for a reunion and a symposium on the theme of global inequity.More
A Tradition of Aid
Spring 2016
Ann Hayden Hamilton ’67, who retired as College registar in 2009, says her volunteer role as president of the Wellesley Students’ Aid Society may be her most rewarding yet.More
Snaps for No.14
Spring 2016
A College president-to-be quickly learns that Wellesley students snap their fingers when they approve of something.More
The Gift of Wellesley
Spring 2016
Wherever I go, whatever I do, I will always carry the gift of Wellesley with me. Wellesley is now a part of me, and I am grateful for that gift.More
A Toast to Tower
Spring 2016
On a chilly February afternoon, warmth and welcome filled the Great Hall as 100 students, alumnae, and staff celebrated Tower Court’s 100th anniversary.More