Sarah Frances Whiting examines the bones in her hand using a fluoroscope in Wellesley’s physics laboratory in 1896. A Crookes tube is on the table in front of her.
Spring 2022
One night in 2019, packing up to move out of Sage Hall before its demolition, John Cameron, now professor emeritus of biological sciences, found a box labeled as containing film, But it held something unique. And historic—15 cyanotype prints from some of the first X-ray experiments done in the U.S.More
A photo portrait of Miriam Butt ’87
Winter 2022
Miriam Butt ’87, a professor of general and computational linguistics at the University of Konstanz in Germany, chose to attend Wellesley in part because it was one of the only American colleges at the time where she could study both Latin and computer science.More
A photo portrait of Lois Roach, senior lecturer in theatre studies
Winter 2022
“We’re all in one big stream. Everyone is trying to find a way to be heard,” says Lois Roach, senior lecturer in theatre studies. In Roach’s course THST 106: Speaking Truth to Power, her students learn to speak up while hearing out other perspectives.More
A photo shows Emma Slibeck ’24, president of NASA and a descendant of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians,  hanging a red dress from a tree on the Academic Quad as part of the REDress installation.
Winter 2022
Last fall, empty red dresses swayed from tree limbs around campus. They were impossible to miss, or ignore. The installation, part of the REDress Project created by Jaime Black, a Canadian artist of mixed Anishinaabe and Finnish descent, was brought to campus by Wellesley’s Native American Student Association (NASA).More
An 1852 lithograph depicts the Black Empress of Haiti in her coronation robes.
Winter 2022
A lithograph of Empress Adelina, a member of the Haitian royal family, is part of the “Album Imperial d’Haiti,” dated 1852. This set of 12 pages is part of the Elbert Collection in Special Collections in the Margaret Clapp Library, which contains some 800 volumes on slavery, emancipation, and Reconstruction.More
A photo of a student holding the recently published Wellesley Passover prayer book
Winter 2022
Working with College Chaplain and Rabbi Dena Bodian, Jewish students have edited and produced a Passover prayer book especially for Wellesley.More
The title "The Rock Eaters " is surrounded by stylized tropical island and a drawing of a large insect,
Winter 2022
The Rock Eaters is a compulsively readable short story collection full of extraordinary happenings. Brenda Peynado ’06 makes the most of every single word in this debut collection, writing with confidence and musing thoughtfully on inclusivity.More
A photo of a keyring with a wooden house with a heart carved in its center, and two keys.
Winter 2022
Maintaining a two-career marriage is a delicate balacing act.More
A photo portrait of Andrea Chan Wang '92
Fall 2021
When Andrea Chan Wang ’92 began writing the story that would become Watercress , her latest children’s picture book, she didn’t intend it to be a children’s book at all. “The truth is that I wrote it for myself,” says Andrea, from her home in Denver.More
A photo portrait of Marianne Harkless Diabate
Fall 2021
Marianne Harkless Diabate of Milton, Mass., passed away suddenly in Boston on May 12 at age 63. Marianne was a dedicated educator, a visionary, and a passionate dancer. She started dancing at age 6 and performed and taught dance throughout her lifetime, including as an admired and dedicated African, Brazilian, and Caribbean dance instructor at Wellesley College from 2011–2021.More