An illustration depicts a diverse range of students engaged in scientific study.
Spring 2021
A growing range of programs based in the Science Center at Wellesley provide opportunities for students from first-generation, low-income, and underrepresented populations to participate in research and other STEM-related activities.More
LaShawnda Lindsay, research scientist at the Wellesley Centers for Women
Winter 2021
In her course Black Girlhood Studies, last fall cross-listed in the Africana studies and education departments, LaShawnda Lindsay, research scientist at the Wellesley Centers for Women. drew upon her decades of scholarship, as well as a lifetime of lived experience, to help students examine growing up Black and female in America.More
Focusing on Divestment in the Classroom
Winter 2021
Coursework doesn’t generally go directly to the boardroom—but that was exactly the goal of ECON 199, Casey Rothschild’s Fossil Fuel Divestment class last fall.More
Josh Lambert, the Sophia Moses Robison Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and English
Fall 2020
Josh Lambert, the new Sophia Moses Robison Associate Professor of Jewish Studies and English, discusses one the first courses he’s teaching at Wellesley, ENG 290/JWST 290: Jews, African-Americans, And Other Minorities in U.S. Comics and Graphic NovelsMore
Professor Petra Rivera-Rideau
Fall 2020
Professor Petra Rivera-Rideau’s students may have had their semester upended, but they are finding respite in the upbeat rhythms of reggaeton, bachata, and merengue.More
Maneesh Arora
Spring 2020
Assistant Professor of Political Science Maneesh Arora is writing a book that examines how political and media elites talk about minorities and why explicitly racial messages work to mobilize voters.More
Rebecca Selden
Spring 2020
In May 2019, Rebecca Selden’s passion for the ocean led her somewhere new—to Capitol Hill, where she traded her mask and fins for a microphone to testify before the House Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife about a central aspect of her research: how climate change is affecting fisheries.More
An illustration depicts birds falling from electrical wires against an orange sky.
Spring 2020
Last year, Science magazine published a study revealing that the North American continent has lost nearly 3 billion birds over the last 50 years. This means there are 29 percent fewer birds in the United States and Canada today than in 1970. Wellesley alumnae, faculty, and students are among those responding to the crisis with reseach and action.More
The cover of Dune Song by Anissa Bouziane depicts the closed door of a Moroccan house.
Winter 2020
Dune Song , the debut novel by Anissa Bouziane ’87, shares the spiritual and physical journey of Jeehan Nathaar, a Moroccan-American Muslim woman who seeks healing and affirmation after witnessing the 9/11 attacks.More
Genevieve Clutario
Winter 2020
Pulling from a range of sources—from the personal to pop-cultural to academic—is not only a feature of Genevieve Clutario’s teaching style, but of her academic research and education path as well.More