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During the Cassini mission, Wellesley students from majors far and wide joined forces with Professor Richard French to calculate trajectories and crunch data, leaving their mark on a NASA mission that, for some, permanently imprinted itself on their own lives.More


  • Fascinating story in Slate about the wartime and post-war careers of Wellesley ’42:
  • Political theorist Emily Nacol ’99 in WaPo on what Daniel Defoe can teach us about health insurance and equity:
  • “Spotted in Archives” would def have been better. Thanks for keeping us honest!
I learn a lot about my neighbors on my early-morning walks: who leaves for the gym at zero-dark-thirty, which kids are fond of street hockey, whose puppy thinks my down jacket is a blue monster from hell. Last fall, I also got a pretty good idea about the political views of my neighbors, thanks to a plethora of campaign lawn signs.More
A new labyrinth near Paramecium Pond is composed of sustainable, natural material from the Wellesley campus. It comprises rounds from fallen trees, including a section of one of the original College plantings, which sits at its center.More
Laurel Wills ’17 and President Paula Johnson pose inside Laurel's hooprolling hoop as Laurel holds a bouquet of flowers.
On April 24, Laurel Wills ’17 entered her name into the august annals of Hooprolling champions, holding the lead all the way down Tupelo Lane to win the 122nd annual race.More
Wellesley students pose in front of a statue of Martine Luther King, Jr.
From the age of 7, Kindred Obas ’19 grew up in Alabama, surrounded by the landmarks and steeped in the lore of the civil rights era. But she came to see the movement, her home,…More
Portrait of Lorraine O'Grady ’55
The work of artist Lorraine O’Grady ’55 is reaching a new generation of curators and artists who prize her fierce independence, penetrating intellect, and willingness to take on the art establishment.More
Portrait of Kwan Kew Lai ’74
Kwan Kew Lai ’74 mentored and trained HIV/AIDS clinicians in Vietnam, Malawi, and Uganda, and provided relief services after the earthquake and during the cholera outbreak in Haiti, among many other projects.More
Portrait of Elyse Cherry ’75
Elyse Cherry ’75 is the chief executive officer at Boston Community Capital, a nonprofit community-development institution that has invested more than $1 billion in underserved communities.More
It was the “handlers” we were worried about. On assignment to photo­graph the recipients of the 2003 Alumnae Achievement Awards for Wellesley, the magazine’s art director, my assistant, and I were prepared. We had…More