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Photo of pair of jeans
Well, friends, it is clear that pants have legs. We are now in our third issue of discussing whether students in the 1960s had to wear skirts to class, as a ’66 alumna said in our fall ’18 story, “1968: The Year Everything Changed.”More
Portrait of Shania Baldwin ’21
“In the black community, there’s often a stigma around getting therapy,” Shania Baldwin ’21 says, but research could help break that stigma. “Data could show people that it’s OK to seek help.”More
Bridget Belgiovine stands in the new Fitness Center
If you want to know what Bridget Belgiovine has been doing the last 13 years, look around.More
A portrait of Kyiah Ashton ’19, who uses the prounouns she/they, which was featured in an exhibit of student photography during Trans Awareness Week on campus.
For a week in March, the faces of trans and nonbinary students gazed down from the walls of the Jewett hallway gallery—rich, beautiful portraits captured by fellow students, captioned with names and the pronouns the subjects use.More
The cover of Midnight: Three Women at the Hour of Reckoning is all type, set in black letters fading to blue.
In her new book, Victoria Shorr ’71 retells the lives of Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, and Joan of Arc. But this book, as the title Midnight suggests, has a special twist, as Shorr focuses on these women at what she calls “the hour of reckoning.”More
The cover of New York Splendor by Wendy Moonan '68 depicts a sumptuous New York City living room with velvet furnishings and blue and gold wallpaper.
Weighing in at 4½ pounds, New York Splendor , by Wendy Moonan ’68, tempts for its appeal as a photo survey of rooms realized between 1970 and 2008 that present a history of New York residential spaces that, as Moonan writes, “elicit gasps of pleasure and surprise.”More
The cover of "Island Hopping" shows a seaside living room open to the sun and air, filled with casual furniture and a wicker swing.
Amanda Redd Lindroth ’84, an interior designer based in the Bahamas, has published her first, lavishly illustrated book, Island Hopping, which showcases island lifestyles and casual interior design.More
A portrait of Martha Goldberg Aronson '89, president of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association
As I meet alumnae from all over the world, I continue to be moved by their stories of connection to Wellesley and to each other. Whether we had a neighbor who told us about Wellesley, or the College admissions team came to our high school, or we saw photos of the glorious campus (either online or in a brochure), we each have our own story about how we found our way to Wellesley.More
A photo of a red paper heart
When Molly Dorfman ’02 and her classmates attended reunion in June 2017, one of the highlights was getting to meet some of the College’s most experienced alumnae, from the class of ’42.More
A photo shows an open paperback book, splayed face down.
Mere days before I turned 3, my parents and I got on a plane from Beirut to New York City. We were only supposed to be in America for a year and a half. By…More