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I freely admit that I am a sucker for a good academic procession, and that a line of academic regalia can make me a little misty.More
Window on Wellesley
Some 3,000 members of the Wellesley community and their guests cheered for Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69 in the Keohane Sports Center on Nov. 8 as reports from the polls began to come in, and wept at evening’s end when it became clear that the highest, hardest glass ceiling hadn’t been broken—yet.More
“Wear the hat of a refugee,” Saraphin Dhanani ’16 was told. “Immerse yourself in their trials and tribulations and the pain and dwindling hope they face.” This was the advice Dhanani was given in Jordan her junior year.More
In October, a large crowd, many on campus for Homecoming and Family & Friends Weekend, gathered in the Alumnae Hall ballroom as four Wellesley sports standouts were inducted into the College’s Athletics Hall of Fame.More
Alumnae Achievement Awards
Achievement awards—and the hand-in-hand prospect of discussing one’s career in front of an Alumnae Hall-sized crowd of students—have a way of making a person reflective. As Marian Fox Burros ’54 started preparing her remarks, looking…More
The flat coastal plain of Houston, where Maria Morris Hambourg ’71 spent her 1950s childhood, appeared to sprout tall buildings overnight “like mushrooms,” she says. Her architect father, S.I. Morris, was responsible for many of…More
The career of Debra Knopman ’75 didn’t go quite the way she’d planned. When she arrived at Wellesley, she thought she was going to major in economics. But she didn’t. After she settled on a…More
Ask a Wellesley woman what she thinks, and it’s fairly certain she won’t hold back. That proved true earlier this year when the Alumnae Association sent an email survey to 28,000 alumnae in hopes of learning how they are engaging with the College and each other, where that engagement seems most effective, and whether there were opportunities for making new alumnae connections through new programs.More
It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome President Paula A. Johnson to the Wellesley alumnae community! Those alumnae who were able to attend Paula’s inauguration as Wellesley’s 14th president witnessed her tremendous grace and warmth. I am eager for all members of the alumnae community to have that opportunity.More
On the day I graduated, I said good-bye to sliding seats, wooden oars, and Wellesley’s only crew shell fit for intercollegiate rowing. With 1973 classmates—a cox and three other rowers—I’d pulled a portside oar in…More