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  • Remember our amazing 1986 punk hooproller from ? Here she is with her daughter, both looking đŸ”¥. Thanks for writ…
  • Oh my goodness, is this you?? You are a style icon to us
  • RT : Loved Pat !!! A true rebel of our class !!!! Great classmate.
Work at the College for any length of time, and you’ll find yourself hearing news from a particular region of the world and thinking, “Who are our Wellesley people there? How are they faring? Do they need help?”More
Yona Levin ’18, Tashay Campbell ’18, and Anna Hunter ’19 pose by the student mailboxes in the Lulu
An editorial intern at a literary agency, an intern at the New York County District Attorney’s Office, and a reporter at the ABC News Beijing bureau… these are three of the students who spoke at this year’s Tanner Conference.More
Portrait of Alexandria Smith, assistant professor of studio art
Alexandria Smith, assistant professor of studio art, is animated by the desire to tell more than one story, especially about people of color. “Visual art and media are critical in shaping the ways we view others,” she says.More
Portrait of Katie Hall '84
Katie Hall ’84 spent decades working for some of the country’s top research labs, and holds 98 patents, the bulk of them focusing on wireless technology, with more pending. But after the 2016 election, Hall wanted to change focus—which led her back to Wellesley.More
The cover of Half Light: Collected Poems 1965-2016 depicts a classical statue of Perseus holding aloft head of slain Medusa.
Frank Bidart, Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities and professor of English at Wellesley, has published Half-Light: Collected Poems 1965–2016. The 700-plus page opus has been described by Publishers Weekly as “an almost overwhelming bounty, a permanent book.”More
The type-only cover of this memoir reads: What Happened; Hillary Rodham Clinton.
In What Happened, her memoir of the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69 wants to set the record straight. And recent headlines are focusing new attention on her version of events.More
The cover of Malinda Lo's novel. A Line in the Dark, shows a photograph of a hand with dark ink dripping off the fingers.
Malinda Lo ’96 highlights queer women, particularly queer women of color, in her work for young adult readers. Kirkus Reviews named A Line in the Dark, her sixth novel. one of the best teen mysteries and thrillers of 2017.More
Portrait of Georgia Murphy Johnson ’75, president of WCAA
What does inclusive excellence look like for Wellesley alumnae? In other words, what can we do as an association to better connect alumnae who may not feel that Wellesley is a touchstone of their lives?More
Portrait of Susan Lohin
Susan Lohin, who retired from the WCAA in December, helped struggling clubs find new officers, drove visiting faculty lecturers to far-flung alumnae events, and oversaw the Wellesley book award program. She once even rode a camel alongside Kathryn Wasserman Davis ’28 on a Wellesley trip to Egypt.More
Illustration of a house under water
The water started to seep through our floorboards two weeks after we buried my grandmother. Hurricane Harvey started in Sadie’s room. Our eldest crouched on the floor to staunch the water with bath towels, trying…More