Class Notes

Photo by Richard Howard


Katie Wagner ’09 and chemistry professor Nolan Flynn discuss their research in his lab during the summer of ’06. The fiberglass tiles behind them, which have been failing in recent years, will be replaced with clear and opaque glass as part of the renovation of the Science Center. Katie is currently in the fifth year of her neurosurgery residency at Northwell Health in Long Island.


A photo shows Cheryl Finley ’86 signing books at the Featherstone Center for the Arts in Oak Bluffs, Mass.

Cheryl Finley ’86

A simple abolitionist illustration of human beings packed like cargo into the suffocating lower decks of a slave ship retains all its heart-stopping power. In Committed to Memory: The Art of the Slave Ship Icon , art historian Cheryl Finley ’86 details the history behind the image.More
A photo of Katrina Mitchell '96.

Katrina Mitchell ’96

Early on, Katrina Mitchell ’96 learned to look beyond herself to meeting the needs of a larger extended community. Her journey has taken her from the Children’s Defense Fund to the United Way of Greater Atlanta, where she is executive director of the Child Well-Being Movement.More
A photo portrait of Alissa Carlat Ruxin '97shows her standing in front of her restaurant, Heaven.

Alissa Carlat Ruxin ’97

Alissa Carlat Ruxin ’97 never thought she’d be a restaurateur and hotelier—much less one living in Rwanda. But in 2007, she launched Heaven, a “modern African” restaurant that has become a popular destination in Kigali, the capital.More

In Memoriam

 A photo of the iconic Wellesley lamppost
Tributes to recently departed alumnae written by family members and Wellesley friends.More
A photo portrait of Edward Hobbes, professor of religion, in his College office
Edwards Hobbs, professor of religion at Wellesley from 1981 to 2012, passed away on April 4. His scholarship concentrated on the hermeneutics, or interpretation theory, of Biblical texts.More