Class Notes

Photo courtesy of Wellesley College Archives


Wellesley students relax in a dorm room. If you recognize these two, let us know at!


Vicky Tsai ’00

Vicky Tsai ’00

“My dream for Tatcha … is to stay small in spirit as we grow in size. Our logo is made up of four hearts, which represent what we cherish: our clients, our craft, our colleagues, and our community. My job is to make sure we always remember this.”More

Jenny Chang ’11

“I grappled with this idea that treating the patient with medicine wasn’t really working. … I thought, we really have to be there as human beings to comfort and console them and just hold their hand.”More
Dominique Hazzard ’12

Dominique Hazzard ’12

“If you’re organizing every day and you have those relationships between yourselves and the community, then you can harness moments like this to really create change through direct action.”More

In Memoriam

Tributes to Wellesley alumnae by family and friends.More