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Sarah Morin Ingersoll ’63, age 72, finished first in her age group in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon on Sept. 14, 2014—although she noted with some humor that she was the only person in her age group. Thumbs up, Sarah!


Cynthia Churchill Kelly ’68

In the late 1990s, a cluster of weather-beaten wooden buildings stood quietly in the middle of a mesa in Los Alamos, N.M., framed by tall ponderosa pines. The buildings were abandoned in the mid-1950s, visited only by occasional herds of deer.More

Ana Revenga ’85

When Ana Revenga ’85 decided to branch out from physics and math at Wellesley, she found economics … and Professor Karl “Chip” Case. Like many others who studied with him, Ana credits Case with luring her into the field.More

TJ Jarrett ’95

TJ Jarrett ’95 has never followed the typical path for a poet. When she entered Wellesley in 1991, she planned to become a lawyer rather than pursue an academic career. After college, she got a job as a bookkeeper with a medical transportation company.More

In Memoriam


Carol Ann Paul, senior instructor of science laboratory emerita and a founding member of the neuroscience program, taught with passion at the College for 27 years (1983 to 2010).More
Remembrances of Wellesley alums written by family and friends, and the “In Memoriam” list of deceased alumnae.More