Class Notes

Photo courtesy of Wellesley College Archives

Frozen in Time

A student laces up to skate near Paramecium Pond. If you know who this skater is, email us at


A portrait of Michele Moody-Adams '78

Michele Moody-Adams ’78

In late May 2020, Michele Moody-Adams ’78 went for a walk, hoping to clear her head during a particularly busy season in her life. Instead the Joseph Straus Professor of Political Philosophy and Legal Theory at Columbia, stumbled upon a protest—and the inspiration for her next book.More
A photo portrait of Bronwyn Lance '90

Bronwyn Lance ’90

After nearly 20 years in the House and Senate advising lawmakers on policy, strategy, and messaging, Bronwyn Lance ’90 this year became the first woman in the history of North Carolina’s 11th District to be named chief of staff.More
A photo shows Courtney Streett '09 walking in the Edible Ecosystem on the Wellesley campus.

Courtney Streett ’09

Courtney Streett ’09, a Native American and member of the Nanticoke Tribe, co-founded a nonprofit, the Native Roots Farm Foundation, to reclaim, cultivate, and celebrate Native relationships with the land, plants, and communities for the next Seven Generations.More
Lamiya Mowla ’13

Lamiya Mowla ’13

Like many science-inclined students, Lamiya Mowla ’13 arrived at Wellesley intending to become a doctor. But an introductory astronomy lesson altered her ambitions—and the course of her life.More

In Memoriam

A ohoto of Louis O'Neal looking on at an athletic event


Wellesley College Athletics mourns the passing of former athletic director and Wellesley Athletics Hall of Famer Louise O’Neal, who passed away on Sept. 17, 2022, in Plymouth, Mass. She was 83 years old.More
Tributes to Wellesley alumnae by family and friendsMore