New Works

A Millennial Coming-of-Age Story
From the beginning of Vow of Celibacy by Erin Judge ’02, it’s clear that her protagonist is different from most of the young women portrayed on the TV shows and movies that are touchstones of the millennial generation—she’s neither straight nor skinny, and she’s certainly not aimless.More
Family Formation and the Law
In Love’s Promises, Martha Ertman ’85 blends memoir and law to argue that contracts (along with more informal deals) facilitate the formation and sustenance of modern families, along with—in various combinations—reproductive technology, adoption, cohabitation, and marriage.More
The Lure of Provence
Provence. Today the name conjures up visions of a magical sun-drenched region, the aroma of lavender, charming hilltop towns, colorful village markets, and a blissful quality of life. ’Twas not always so.More
Recent publications by Wellesley authors.More