Shelf Life

The cover of This Is One Way to Dance shows an image of a swirling red Indian skirt.
This Is One Way to Dance , a debut collection of essays by Sejal Shah ’94, encourages anyone forgotten by white America to: Take. Up. Space.More
The cover of Hill Women shows black-and-white photo of a mother standing by a pickup truck holding a baby while a young boy stands alongside.
Hill Women captures with grace and nuance the identity of Appalachian women, and in doing so acknowledges the role that luck, education, and community play in changing a life.More
A black-and-white photo of author reveals her upper-arm tattoo of a fox holding a pen.


The first title in the Derby Daredevils series debuted this spring and won praise from the American Library Association for its “fierce” female characters. We caught up with the author by phone at her home in Albuquerque.More
Recent publications by Wellesley authorsMore