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Tradition And Tragedy
Early in this transporting novel, the protagonist, 25-year-old television reporter Ali Sikandar, wonders, “How many other families lived like fractured glass, cracked but still holding up within the constraints of their frames?” It’s an elegant and potent metaphor about a family left shattered.More
Screen to Teen
If you’ve looked at the weekly bestseller list recently, chances are you’ve seen a young adult (or YA) novel at or near the top. The novels, which combine fast-moving plots, love triangles, and strong teenage protagonists, are popular with both teenage and adult readers.More
Marriage Before Baby Carriage?
Research by Isabel Van Devanter Sawhill ’59, senior fellow in economic studies at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., shows that if individuals finish high school, work full time, and marry before they have children, their chances of falling into poverty drop from 15 percent to 2 percent. Her new book surveys the impact of family structure on children.More
Recent books by Wellesley authorsMore