Shelf Life

An image of the cover of Crystal M. Fleming's "How to be Less Stupid About Race," is an all-type collage of remarks typical to race-related conversation--such as "What are you?" "That's Reverse racism!" and "I don't see color."
Readers who believe in a post-racial America, in being color-blind in racially diverse situations, who are hoping for a kumbaya moment, are not going to have those needs met by Fleming’s book. But if they’re willing to let go of what they think they know about race and prejudice, Fleming will provide a bracing trip through how we do—and don’t—discuss race.More
The cover of Before She Sleeps shows a image of large, looming, futuristic trees made from metal.
Before She Sleeps , the second novel by Bina Shah ’93 to be published in the United States, has drawn comparisons to the contemporary dystopian classic The Handmaid’s Tale.More
The cover of "Island Hopping" shows a seaside living room open to the sun and air, filled with casual furniture and a wicker swing.
Amanda Redd Lindroth ’84, an interior designer based in the Bahamas, has published her first, lavishly illustrated book, Island Hopping, which showcases island lifestyles and casual interior design.More
The FreshInk list is illustrated with an image of the cover of "Tranquility Grove" by Martha Reardon Bewick, which displays an antique painting of the Great Abolitionist Picnic of 1844.
New books by Wellesley authorsMore