Alumnae Memorials

Alumnae Memorials

Helen Wallace ’33 died on Feb. 2, 2013, just weeks before her 100th birthday.

Helen earned an M.D. from Columbia and an M.P.H. from Harvard. She was a pioneer in the field of public health, directing public-health programs at various large research universities and serving as a consultant to the World Health Organization in many countries. She received the Alumnae Achievement Award from Wellesley in 1982, and she received many other awards for her work as well. Her final years were spent in San Diego, where she was an active member of the Wellesley club.

Wellesley Club of San Diego

Vivian Berman Lewis ’37 died on Oct. 20, 2013.

Aunt “Vivi” loved her years at Wellesley. It was where she began a lifelong interest in early childhood education. She became a child psychologist and worked for the Naugatuck, Conn., school system for more than 25 years. She brought her intellect, energy, and compassion to her family, friends, and work. A highlight was her attendance at Jennie Berman’s 2005 Wellesley graduation.

She is survived by her beloved husband of 75 years, Herbert Lewis; their four children; and four grandchildren.

She was our role model, and a class act; she will be missed.

Karen Rozenberg Berman ’74
Jennie S. Berman ’05

Margaret Gilkey Richards ’40 died on Jan. 23, 2014.

She was defined by her ties to Wellesley in so many ways. Her maternal grandmother, Nellie Wright Howe, was in the class of 1884, and numerous other relatives followed: her mother, Calma Howe Gilkey 1915; her sister, Edith Gilkey Whittemore ’44; her sister-in-law, Mary Randall Gilkey ’39; her daughter, Edith Richards McNutt ’64; and her niece, Eleanor Whittemore Latimer ’69.

Eleanor Whittemore Latimer ’69
Edith Richards McNutt ’64

Elizabeth Jean Reedy English ’41 died on Feb. 8.

Jean entered Wellesley at the young age of 16, from Chicago, and from her first day on campus, she loved Wellesley. She was always proud of Wellesley, and she credited learning and experiences while there for inspiring her lifelong love of art, art history, and history. Jean and her husband traveled the world extensively for both work and pleasure, and she always used every opportunity to learn and enrich her life. Jean was a local recruiter for Wellesley and very proud that her only daughter also decided to choose Wellesley.

Janet English Huettig ’69

Eleanor Hanson Leonard ’43 passed away, with her husband by her side, on March 13, 2012.

Eleanor was born in Washington, D.C. At Wellesley, she received a degree in physics. In 1943, she married her first husband, Arthur Thompson, who was killed in World War II. Ellie remarried, and served with her new husband, James Leonard, on Foreign Service assignments around the world, while bringing up six children. They ended up in the Middle East, where they had begun 30 years earlier. At that point, Ellie, an early computer whiz, found a position at the Environmental Protection Agency, where she worked 10-plus years. Then the family moved to their dream home in the hills of Virginia.

Valerie Leonard

Virginia Ford ’48 died on Feb. 17.

Ginny was a plainspoken Midwesterner who spent decades in Florida but remained a Hoosier. She used her Wellesley degree in economics at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, where she did market research and became head of hiring for her department. After she moved to Florida, she donated her cello to an inner-city school and became the Orlando Opera’s chief (anonymous) donor. Ginny loved joking with former Wellesley president Diana Chapman Walsh ’66. She loved opera, modern art, friends and family, and Indiana. Those who laughed with her will miss her greatly.

Betsey Maupin ’73

Betty Morgan Baker ’49 died on Dec. 24, 2013.

Betty Morgan and I were freshman roommates in Webb House. When we first met on move-in day, she was neatly arranging her possessions, being careful to leave half the space for me. She never failed to live up to this description during our nearly 70-year friendship. Quiet and unassuming, a person of great intellect and many talents, hospitable and sharing, concerned about others, Betty always left at least half of the space in her life for her husband, Charles (who predeceased her); her friends; her English-as-a-second-language students, and her many social and cultural causes.

Betty Insley Traverse ’49

Christie Myers Tolstoy ’50 died on Aug. 23, 2013, in Plano, Texas. She leaves a daughter, Irina Tolstoy Gans ’83, and son-in-law, John Gans, of New York City and Landgrove, Vt. She also leaves two grandchildren, Catherine and Henry Gans, of New York. Her mother, Louise Hudson Myers ’27, was a Wellesley alumna as well. A memorial service is planned for this spring.

Mary Samia

Patricia Bakwin Selch ’51 died on Jan. 6 of a sudden heart attack.

Active until the moment she died, Pat was a true Wellesley/New York woman. She was an inveterate traveler and reader; her intellect and enthusiastic curiosity led her everywhere, and she gave generous support where she saw a need. Pat cofounded Wellesley Friends of Art in New York, was a founder of a school for autistic children, and served on boards of several educational and medical institutions. When her children left home, she hosted young internationals pursuing internships in New York. Pat’s quiet friendliness endeared her to numerous friends literally around the world. We will not forget her.

Charlotte McCreary Culver ’51

Lynn Andrews Kotzen ’53 died on July 11, 2013.

Her passing left a large empty spot in my life. My roommate at Wellesley for four years, she was a very dear friend for 64 years. She was a community leader, an active participant in the arts, politics, and women’s issues, and a valued matriarch in her extended family. But what I will miss most is her friendship. Lynn was the epitome of a good friend: good company, accepting, eager to try new things, a great travel companion, and a comforting presence in times of trouble. My life is richer from having Lynn in it.

Gene Fooks Jacobson ’53

Elinor Bozyan Warburg ’53, died on Feb. 23 in New Haven.

She was in excellent health until she was felled by a stroke. A music major at Wellesley, Ellie played the organ, piano, and harpsichord. Music—performing and listening—was the most important part of her life, after family and her wide circle of friends. Her interest in Wellesley was lifelong. She played at her 60th reunion, entertaining classmates afterward at her Rhode Island home.

Ellie is survived by her husband, George; her sons Daniel, Michael, and John; and a host of others who sorely miss her warm, generous presence.

Gladys Bozyan Lavine

Mary Ann Townsend Wiley ’53 died of cancer on Oct. 7, 2013.

“Mat” was a dynamic leader who served as president of Noanett, Vil Junior, president of College Government, and class president for our 50th reunion. She leaves her husband of almost 60 years, Robert L. Wiley, Harvard ’52, two children, three grandchildren, and her sister-in-law, Woodard Wiley Heath ’49. Mat worked tirelessly for Wellesley and civic causes in Seattle. Born in Charleston, W. Va., she embraced the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and her home on Mercer Island. Our class joins her family in mourning our lively, passionate friend.

Mary Jo Powell ’53

Elise B. Heinz ’55, classmate and fellow Virginian, died on Jan. 19, after a long bout with pulmonary disease.

One of five women in the Harvard Law School Class of ’61, Elise pursued a career in law when many law firms were not hiring women. An ardent feminist, she was instrumental in seeking rights for women. Twice elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, Elise was always active behind the scenes in politics in Arlington, Va. Our sympathy to her husband, James Clayton, and their two sons.

Barbara M. Dickinson ’55

Sandra Berkley Aylsworth ’56 died of cancer on May 4, 2013.

We had planned to go together to Solvang, Calif., for the ’56 mini-reunion in April. How quickly plans changed. Sandy loved to travel, all parts of the globe! She worked in Turkey for two years after graduation. Later, with her husband, Ray, she lived in Switzerland for several years. I am so grateful to her for our Machu Picchu/Amazon/Galapagos trip for eight people, which she organized. Readily, she shared her experiences and knowledge through teaching: Middle Eastern cooking, computers, travel, art, and more. She enriched people’s lives. She’ll be missed by all who knew her!

Nancy Amundson von Konsky ’56

Glenis Gralton Mollegen ’61 died on Dec. 2, 2013, after a prolonged encroachment of Alzheimer’s.

In 1984 she was one of the first women to be ordained as, an Episcopal priest. Glen adamantly supported my spirituality even when I doubted it: “Penny, haven’t you ever heard of unconditional love?” When I visited from California, she offered me keys to the family beach house, saying: “Mi casa, su casa.” Rector of her own church in Connecticut while she and husband Ted raised their family, she balanced infinite compassion and generosity with a raucous sense of humor. A wise and cherished friend.

Penny Post ’61

Elizabeth “Liz” Fielder Lloyd ’62 died on Feb. 4.

Liz and I formed a closed bond, living side by side for three years on the French Corridor. After graduation, our paths diverged. I went on to teach, while Liz concentrated on raising a family.

I remember Liz as a vibrant, adventurous young woman, friendly, congenial, nonjudgmental, and less conventional than many of her peers. She loved to laugh and loved music. She played the piano wonderfully, for the pure joy of it. Liz also loved opera, introducing me to recordings of Anna Moffo and Leontyne Price.

I will miss her.

Arlene Palmer Bruhn ’62

Margaret Klein ’72 died of cancer on Jan. 18 in New York.

Margaret was a pioneering woman in finance, specializing in international banking and managing troubled loans. She was an inveterate traveler, a connoisseur of New York’s cultural life, an advocate for women, and a generous philanthropist. She faced her disease with insouciance and bravery—nothing would get Margaret down or delay her travels for long. If she could look forward to one more trip to Bhutan, she might beat the odds. She leaves a wide circle of longtime friends, former roommates, and family, including a dozen or more godchildren.

Elizabeth Streicher ’72
Sandra Ferrari Disner ’72

Anne Aresty Naman ’73 died on Oct. 12, 2013.

“Embrace each day as a gift to be cherished.” These are Anne’s words from her essay published last summer, describing the main lesson of her battle with cancer—words she lived fully. At our 40th reunion dinner last June, we rose to applaud her courage in traveling 1,600 miles, despite her illness, to reconnect with old friends. Her entire life, as a college counselor, as a wife and mother, and as a friend, set a powerful example of living life to its fullest, driven by love of friends and family, generosity of spirit, and passion for the day-to-day fabric of life.

Margaret Yonco-Haines ’73
Margaret Michael Sweeney ’73

Audrey Smith-Whitaker ’74 died on Sept. 12, 2013.

Audrey was passionately devoted to her family and close friends, to whom she gave so much. Yet she also made room to embrace many others with her warmth and caring. She could meet a stranger, start a conversation about anything or nothing, and make a friend for life.

She also strongly believed in service to others, in her professional and her volunteer activities. Despite doing so much, she was never satisfied that she had done enough.

Audrey was one of a kind, and we who knew her are forever enriched by having come within her bright sphere.

Cynthia Hill ’74

Roberta (Robin) Taft Putney ’78 passed away, surrounded by family, at age 57 on Oct. 30, 2013, after a brief but hard-fought battle with cancer.

She is survived by her husband, Andrew Putney, and her children, Charlotte and Tom. After Wellesley, Robin earned a master’s in education focused on mental health counseling from Bridgewater State College in 2002. Her lifelong passion for art and creativity influenced all aspects of her personal and professional life. She enjoyed gardening and yoga, earning a yoga teacher certification.

Julie Cohn Rosenfeld ’78

Janet Minder Eames CE/DS ’95 died on Jan. 13.

With exceptional emotional intelligence and gentle, no-nonsense personal style, Janet nurtured people, plants, and community. She knew the name of every tree, flower, and bush across Wellesley’s landscape. The purple beech tree across the street from Cedar Lodge was her absolute favorite. Wellesley nurtured her desire to design gardens. She fostered warm community and lovely gardens everywhere she lived.

She was wife to Andrew, mother to Emily, Charlotte (deceased), and Katherine. As a beloved Wellesley sister, she made our hearts, lives, and gardens more beautiful with her generous heart and loving nurturance.

Ashley DeMoss CE/DS ’95
Maria Mishkind Villela CE/DS ’95


  • Barbara Beakes Lee, June 27, 2009
  • Charlotte Wheaton Wells, Dec. 1, 2013


  • Helen Dolan Sullivan, Aug. 12, 2009
  • Ethelmay Kennedy Guensch, Sept. 20, 2000
  • Martha Nichols Chace, Sept. 1, 2005


  • Virginia Abel Walsh, Dec. 25, 2003
  • Elinor Bunn Thompson, Feb. 2, 2014
  • Florence Chapman Pearson, Dec. 3, 2013
  • Eleanor Clark Blodgett, April 1, 2006
  • Alice Downey Quigley, Jan. 16, 2009
  • Ruth Fisher Oster, Aug. 13, 2013
  • Grace Lepie Singer, Nov. 30, 2003
  • Patricia Raney Stockford, May 2, 2003


  • Margaret Borg Priestley, Nov. 30, 2013
  • Barbara Greenwood Onuf, Sept. 2, 2010
  • Virginia Locke Lathbury, April 21, 2003
  • Mary Wales Carlisle, July 24, 2009


  • Ethel Baron Berlau, Dec. 22, 2013
  • Mary Bennett Clark, Nov. 14, 2013
  • E. Byrd Boorse Reeves, Nov. 11, 2012
  • Margaret Cahill McGrath, Oct. 29, 2010
  • Ruth Coleman Wakerlin, Sept. 12, 2010
  • Aileen Davidson Fellowes, Sept. 25, 2013
  • Barbara Salisbury Gillespie, Jan. 27, 2010
  • Margaret Wyckoff Platten, Nov. 5, 2013


  • Margaret Gilkey Richards, Jan. 23, 2014
  • Carol Lewis Thompson, Jan. 29, 2007
  • Janet Minor Doll, Dec. 19, 2000
  • Louise Pyke Bowling, July 2, 2010
  • Eleanor Rodgers Macdonald, Dec. 19, 2013


  • Ruth Flume Livingston, Nov. 22, 2013
  • Natalie Gignoux, Oct. 7, 2009
  • Florence Griswold, Dec. 24, 2009
  • Helen Hale Dodge, Nov. 11, 2013
  • Amy Hodel Weber, Jan. 8, 2014
  • Mary Noyes Eliot, July 29, 2008
  • Jean Reedy English, Feb. 8, 2014


  • Janet Baker Kewitt, July 5, 2011
  • Sophie Breckenridge, Fitz-Gibbon, March 29, 2013
  • Elspeth Cahill Swope, Jan. 11, 2013
  • Shirley B. Knight, May 13, 2011
  • Mary Johnson Butler, Oct. 16, 2012
  • Florence Lutz Levin, Feb. 4, 2005
  • Miriam Marcus Cherin, April 12, 2013
  • Alice Moore Blackmore, Nov. 10, 2013
  • Solita Salinas Marichal, Nov. 9, 2007
  • Anita Schrier Kirwan, Oct. 13, 2011
  • Sarah Sells Bryan, Dec. 7, 2013
  • Mary Street Lavonture, June 14, 2001


  • Brenda Burgess Parsons, Dec. 2, 2013
  • Margaret Crone Careccio, Sept. 18, 2011
  • Alice Dyer Bing, Oct. 13, 2005
  • Eleanor Hanson Leonard, March 13, 2012
  • Mary Gilmore Thomas, Oct. 10, 2009
  • Mary Lent Butler, Nov. 3, 2013
  • Patricia Thurston Schwab, Feb. 17, 2014
  • Dorothy Waldbridge King, Nov. 10, 2012


  • Lotte Adler Fields, June 17, 2013
  • Marian Burton Frank, April 12, 2010
  • Nancy Hare Koltes, Sept. 6, 2013
  • Betty Kolb Laning, March 13, 2005


  • Eleanor Griesemer Baldwin, Dec. 6, 2013


  • Jane Goodman Sweet, Jan. 12, 2014
  • Elizabeth Judd Howlett, Feb. 7, 2014
  • Mary Elizabeth Patchin, July 22, 2013


  • Phyllis Fisher Dorflinger, Jan. 30, 2014


  • Virginia Ford, Feb. 17, 2014


  • Caroline Curtis Lucal, Dec. 21, 2013
  • Betty Morgan Baker, Dec. 24, 2013


  • Margaret Bowers Allison, Nov. 29, 2013
  • Dorothy Giles Souvaine, Feb. 19, 2014
  • Ruth E. May, Feb. 25, 2014
  • loria Moskin Ravitch, Dec. 12, 2013
  • Margery Smith Kohrman, Jan. 15, 2014


  • Barbara Martin Stout, Nov. 9, 2013
  • Mary Munger Cassidy, Jan. 26, 2014
  • Ruth Whiting Passas, Dec. 13, 2013


  • Joan Everett Hoffman, Dec. 19, 2013
  • Elizabeth Finkenstaedt, Nov. 7, 2009


  • Virginia Anderson Christenson, Nov. 29, 2013
  • Ann M. Lacy, Dec. 6, 2013


  • Jane Sessions Steigerwald, March 8, 2012


  • Elise B. Heinz, Jan. 19, 2014


  • Mary Ann Tustin Natunewicz, Jan. 4, 2014


  • Natalie A. Lunn, July 22, 2013


  • Janet Adams Fearon, Jan. 17, 2014
  • Mary Sanderson Campbell, Jan. 27, 2014


  • Naomi Jacobson Banks, Nov. 30, 2013
  • Diana Marshall Scarborough, Dec. 5, 2013


  • Patricia Engle, Sept. 24, 2012
  • Molly McClelland Bloomfield, Nov. 24, 2013


  • Peggy C. Andresen, Nov. 25, 2012


  • Jo Gramling Lopez, Feb. 7, 2014


  • Laura Kemper Fields, Jan. 9, 2014


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  • Andra Cyronak, Feb. 26, 2014


  • Mary C. Bent, Aug. 12, 2013
  • Janet Minder Eames, Jan. 13, 2014
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