Portrait of Missy Siner Shea ’89 sitting in Academic Quad
As Missy Siner Shea ’89 leaves the WCAA after four years as the executive director to become president and CEO of Special Olympics Vermont, she reflects on highlights from her tenure. What she will miss most? The daily interactions with brilliant, devoted alumnae.More
Leslie Salmon Jones plays drums as alums dance around her
It’s early on a Saturday morning on the first day of BLUEprint, the WCAA’s annual fall leadership training for alumnae volunteers. But this isn’t your usual session on how to run a reunion. Two dozen…More
A group of young alums sitting around a table hold up their copies of "Little Fires Everywhere"
Hadley Chase ’15 and Gabi Vesey ’18 of the Washington Wellesley Club say that there’s no substitute for reaching out to alums directly, and when they show up, letting them know that you value their presence.More
Volunteers in the Spotlight
Jody Strakosch ’79, Teresita Ramos ’93, and Erika Spitzer ’06 received this year’s Sed Ministrare Volunteer awards for their significant volunteer service with Wellesley.More
Be an Ace Photographer
Wellesley magazine receives hundreds of photography submissions each year. And to be honest, a lot of those pictures could be better. But no need for Wellesley guilt over not taking good shots. There’s actually…More