Window on Wellesley

Construction is well under way on Pendleton West for a new center for the creative arts.More
Campaign Season
Cameran Lougy Mason ’84, vice president of resources and public affairs at the College, thinks of the newly launched comprehensive campaign—Wellesley’s Campaign to Advance the Wellesley Effect—on a personal level.More
Shaping Wellesley’s Future
The initiatives to be funded by the Campaign to Advance the Wellesley Effect are broad and deep. They will shape the College, its faculty and academic offerings, as well as the student experience, for many years to come.More
The Layered Career Of Bunny Harvey
For 40 years, Bunny Harvey’s students have cherished her lively curiosity, bracing critiques, and no-nonsense approach. And they have taken to heart her example on how to live a rich, full life.More
Blue Streak
Priyanka Fouda ’16 is a force for the Blue in cross-country.More
History Lost
The unfolding crisis in Iraq and Syria was painfully present at the College in September, as scholars, cultural-heritage specialists, and journalists gathered to focus on the recent destruction of Middle Eastern antiquities.More
Poet at Play
Elizabeth Young admits that if people watched her write a poem, they would probably think she was listening to music, given how her body rocks and sways.More
Back on Campus
When Ama Baafra Abeberese ’04 returned to Wellesley to interview for a position as assistant professor of economics, she found herself presenting her research in a room in Pendleton where she had once taken a class.More
Pop Quiz: Should We Eat Cake?
We caught up with Helena de Bres, associate professor of philosophy, to ask about what a philosopher does.More
College Road
The Newhouse Center for the Humanities kicked off its 2015 Distinguished Thinkers series with a reading by Amitav Ghosh, whose new novel, Flood of Fire , concludes a trilogy about British colonialism and the birth of modern Asia.More