Window on Wellesley

This academic year, a lot of laboratory science at Wellesley is taking place in modual buildings parked on Gray Lot. Students and faculty have been pleasantly surprised by the experience in the temporary buildings.More
Portrait of Sheilah Shaw Horton, Wellesley’s new dean of students
When Dean of Students Sheilah Shaw Horton looks to the future, she sees students who feel confident in their identities, are connected to each other, get enough sleep, and have a handle on their stress.More
Actaeon, 1924, Paul Manship, Bronze on marble period base, 25 5/8 in. x 31 3/4 in. by 7 7/8 in., Gift of Mary White ’79
After Paul Manship returned to New York from travels in Greece and Italy in 1912, he exhibited 96 cast bronzes made on his travels—and sold every single one. He was considered one of America’s preeminent sculptors in the period between the two world wars.More
A photo from the early days of Wellesley of students studying scientific models in College Hall.
There was plenty of excitement during an archaeological dig on Severance Hill last summer when Elizabeth Minor ’03, Mellon Post-Doctoral Scholar in Anthropology, and her students starting uncovering some unusual items.More
An architectural rendering of the T.T. and W.F. Chao Foundation Innovation Hub
The Science Center’s new addition will be sustainable, filled with light, and intuitive to navigate. It will promote collaboration across disciplines and have appropriately sized classrooms, more communal spaces, and better access and views to the surrounding landscape.More
Sports for Life
They are seven, some of the shining stars of Wellesley athletics through the decades. Some have competed in NCAA national championships and have garnered All-American honors. Some have taken home scholar-athlete awards and hold records in their sports. One spent 16 years building Wellesley’s athletic program into what it is today.More
From the Chair of the Wellesley College Board of Trustees
I believe what makes Wellesley great has been its ability to provide our students with an education and an experience that derive unique worth from melding learning and circumstance current to their times with timeless values particular to Wellesley.More
College Road
Dena Bodian has joined the Religious and Spiritual Life team as Jewish chaplain and campus rabbi. She comes to Wellesley from Colgate University, where she spent seven years advising the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and atheist student groups as the associate university chaplain and director of Jewish life.More
Pressing Matters of Art
The new printmaking studio where Phyllis McGibbon teaches boasts natural light, excellent ventilation, and a long, unbroken expanse of wall for displaying works in progress. Just as important, its proximity to new-media and other studios allows for collaboration.More
Heather Corbally Bryant, lecturer in the writing program
Heather Corbally Bryant, lecturer in the writing program, hopes to help students put down their phones.More
Gurminder Kaur Bhogal
Gurminder Kaur Bhogal, Catherine Mills Davis Associate Professor of Music, has been teaching at Wellesley since 2006. Her book, Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune (Oxford University Press), was published this summer.More