Window on Wellesley

On a Friday evening in late August as the sun went down, Blue Field Hockey did something extraordinary: They played the first night home game in the history of Wellesley athletics.More
Portrait of Dave Chakraborty
The College is building a new Science Center, renovating residential halls that have significant needs, and looking at how to become carbon neutral by 2040. Meet the man with the plan, Dave Chakraborty, assistant vice president of facilities management and planning.More
Antique wooden hydrodeik
John Cameron, professor emeritus of biology, has cataloged some 1,600 objects from labs past. As Wellesley looks to the future of science on campus, Cameron showed us some of his favorite items from its past.More
A professor teaches a course in a new classroom by the data lounge.
This fall, the L-wing in the Science Center opened after a year of renovations. Among the new additions are a spacious data lounge, improved teaching labs and faculty labs, new active-learning classrooms, and plenty of common spaces for collaborating and relaxing.More
Students adjust the position of the new telescope
The astronomy department made its first major telescope purchase in more than 50 years earlier this year, and on June 12, a CDK700 telescope from PlaneWave Instruments, a 0.7m diameter reflector, arrived on Observatory Hill.More
Students enjoy a carnival ride on Lake Day
Tidbits of news from around campus, including Lake Day, a student Sudoku champ, a new elevator in Billings, and more.More
Wellesley logo
As anyone who has suffered through a cold during finals knows, it’s not easy being sick at college. Of course, the staff at Wellesley’s Health Services has to handle more than colds during the course…More
Portrait of Brenna Greer
On the cover of Brenna Greer’s recent book, Represented: The Black Imagemakers Who Reimagined African American Citizenship , a fashionably dressed young African-American couple relax on a midcentury modern couch in front of a coffee…More
Susan Ellison, assistant professor of anthropology
Debt was not something Susan Ellison, assistant professor of anthropology, ever expected to write a book about. “I came kicking and screaming to that,” she says. “But when you ‘follow the ethnographic,’ as we say,”—as…More
Assistant Professor of English Octavio González
Assistant Professor of English Octavio González on his new book on modernist novelists, teaching the Harlem Renaissance, and his other writing projects, including an ekphrastic autobiographical nonfiction memoir.More