Window on Wellesley

A College president-to-be quickly learns that Wellesley students snap their fingers when they approve of something.More
A Tradition of Aid
Ann Hayden Hamilton ’67, who retired as College registar in 2009, says her volunteer role as president of the Wellesley Students’ Aid Society may be her most rewarding yet.More
The Question of Attribution
Scholars at the Davis Museum have delved into the mystery of Portrait of Lady , an 18th-century work attributed to Sir Joshua Reynolds.More
Hooked on Research
Usually, if a student is interested in doing cutting-edge biochemistry research, the path is long and paved with many introductory courses. For the past two years, Wellesley has been offering a shortcut.More
Fellows for the Future
In February, a large group of alumnae and current students from the Madeleine Korbel Albright ’59 Institute for Global Affairs gathered on campus for a reunion and a symposium on the theme of global inequity.More
Viva Cuba
Leah Kaplan ’17, a sociology major, spent a semester at the University of Havana. “Cuba’s societal history of ideology and revolution fascinated me, and I was genuinely interested in connecting with people from such a different background… ” she says.More
College Road
You’ve heard of the Rhodes and the Marshall. Now there is the Schwartzman and Wellesley has one of the inaugural fellows. She will study and live at the newly constructed Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University in Beijing, all expenses paid.More
Race, History, and Art
Assistant Professor of Art Nikki Greene likes to think outside the classroom. Art History 316, The Body: Race and Gender in Modern and Contemporary Art, is held in a small seminar room, but it’s possible for anyone in the world to listen in by searching for #ARTH316 on Twitter.More
Let’s Face It
George Clooney is the most handsome actor in Hollywood. Not sure you agree? Assistant Professor of Psychology Jeremy Wilmer can settle the dispute.More
Star Power
Professor of Astronomy Kim McLeod’s enthusiasm for the cosmos is contagious. She’s observed with some of the biggest telescopes on Earth, but her favorite view is through Wellesley’s historic 12-in. refractor.More