Window on Wellesley

In one of the bright, new, high-ceilinged studio classrooms in Pendleton West, students maneuver 16-foot-long lengths of bamboo into inverted V positions, securing them with clamps that they tighten with power drills.More
Negotiating the Travel Ban Era
Karen Zuffante Pabon’s efforts have been trained on helping Wellesley’s international community stay informed, feel connected, and know they have an advocate on call.More
From Blue to Green
“Obviously, going from a women’s college to a coed college is going to be a big change, but I’ve loved being able to fully experience both college types, and now I have an appreciation for both.”More
A Place to Call Home
The renovation to Harambee House provides a more welcoming space to students of African descent on campus.More
On Guards
For three days in February, the Alumnae Hall stage was transformed into a forecourt of the Taj Mahal in 1648, where two friends stand sentinel at the nearly completed masterpiece.More
Hillary in the House
Warming up for her 2017 commencement address, Hillary Rodham Clinton ’69 visited campus on March 2 and appeared on stage with President Paula Johnson, engaging in a one-on-one discussion on everything from her Wellesley years to women in politics to the need for stamina and resilience, both physical and emotional.More
Reaching Out to Muslim Students
In March, halal-certified care packages—which included a chocolate bar, fuzzy socks, beauty sheet face masks, a Starbucks card, and a handwritten note (contributed by more than 100 alumnae)—were distributed on campus.More
Taking the Leap
Three meters doesn’t seem that high—until you’re perched on the end of a diving board and being told to jump off. Then 3 meters seems very, very high.More
Berkman Departs Wellesley
After two years on campus bringing together Jewish students, staff, and faculty, Rabbi Audrey Berkman has accepted a position as associate rabbi at Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline, Mass., and will be leaving the College at the end of the academic year.More
College Road
The Davis Museum’s #Artless initiative, director of PERA Bridget Belgiovine honored, and other reports from campusMore
The Ethics of Health Care
Charlene Galarneau’s classes explore health in a way that touches on racism, sexism, and privilege—from water activism to transgender justice.More
Insects’ ­Evolutionary Secrets
If you grow tomatoes, you might not be fond of tobacco hornworms—four-inch-long, bright-green caterpillars that can make short work of your crop’s leaves overnight. But Yui Suzuki, associate professor of biological sciences, has a soft spot for the chubby critters.More
Passage to India
We caught up with Richard Delacy, visiting lecturer in South Asia studies, for a cup of tea before his Hindi/Urdu class.More
Flying High
Maura Sticco-Ivins ’18 is in a class by herself as the only three-time national champion in College history. At the 2017 NCAA Division III Swimming Diving Championships in Shenandoah, Texas, in March, she claimed both the 3-meter and 1-meter titles.More