Window on Wellesley

We celebrate Alice Hummer for her 24 years of wise and thoughtful leadership at Wellesley magazine.More
A portrait of AJ Guerrero, Wellesley’s coordinator for LGBTQ+ programs and services, holding her cat
AJ Guerrero, Wellesley’s coordinator for LGBTQ+ programs and services, had big plans for her new job when she arrived on campus in January 2020.More
Photo portraits of Jane Zen '21 and Diana Daniela Padron ’24
In a year like no other, Wellesley students had to adjust to studying remotely, or on a campus closed to the outside world. We talk to two of them.More
Electric Prisms is a brightly colored abstract oil on canvas.
Electric Prisms , created in 1913 by Sonia Delaunay-Terk, captures the sparkling energy of French culture just before the devastating years of World War I.More
A photo of  Lauren Park ’21 in her fencing gear
At Wellesley, Lauren Park ’21 has developed an interest in athletics that extends far beyond competition.More
Karen Alvarez Julian ’21, Matilda Berke ’21, and Jenna Hua ’22
The Inclusion Initiative trains students to run workshops around issues of identity, helping foster a truer sense of community on campus.More
[a] photo of a statue of Elaine, the Lady of Shalott.
Reports from around campusMore
A photo portrait of Professor Philip Levine
Professor of economics Levine and a colleague atthe University of Maryland delved into data to confirm their hunch that a pandemic baby bust, not boom, is ahead.More
A photo portrait of Vanita Datta, French professor
French Professor Venita Datta can’t visit Paris right now, but if she could, she would take you, and her students, on a tour of her Paris, starting in the 16th arrondissement, where she rented rooms as a graduate student.More