Window on Wellesley

It’s the end of the semester, and exams loom. Students are slogging to the finish. Or not. Look again. A student sails free, back and forth under the canopy of leaves outside the chapel.More
A Passionate Generalist
It’s hard to imagine anything that doesn’t capture the wide-ranging interests of Nora Mishanec ’14. “I’ve always been a dilettante,” she laughs. “I like to do everything.”More
This Is How We Roll
“You must roll your hoop,” said Class Dean John O’Keefe at the starting line of the 119th annual Hooprolling on May 3. “It’s not called the race where I wear my hoop around my waist and Hula-Hoop my way.”More
Remembering Kathryn Davis ’28
Throughout her long life, Kathryn Wasserman Davis ’28 had a way of bringing people together. This spring, a year after Davis’s passing at the age of 106, the College community gathered to honor her legacy.More
Commencement 2014
A century ago, the Wellesley College class of 1914 graduated a mere 13 weeks after the devastating early-morning fire that robbed the College of its central building, but not its spirit.More
The North 40’s Future
To the townspeople of Wellesley, it’s a premier place to walk dogs and dig in the dirt, victory-garden style. To most students, it’s terra incognita—a place they never set foot, unless they are into organic farming.More
Faculty Retirements
Wellesley bid farewell this spring to two longtime professors who have taught generations of students.More
Cue the Trombone!
A raucous 12-piece marching band surprised students at various points on campus on May 7, even showing up next to The Sleepwalker.More
Sound Seeker
In his research, Nicholas Rodenhouse, Frost Professor in Environmental Science and professor of biological sciences, focuses on how climate change is affecting migratory songbirds.More
College Road
Pauline and Henry Durant didn’t want buildings named after them, but they never said anything about birds. So when a pair of common ravens built a nest on a Science Center fire escape, they quickly became Pauline and Henry.More
MakerBot: Print Me a Thing
Jordan Tynes calls the MakerBot Replicator 2x “the Easy-Bake Oven” of 3-D printing. And the College has three of them. Printers that crank out things instead of documents have been around for a while. But…More
A Digital Future for Old Letters
The letters of Anne Whitney, a 19th-century American sculptor and poet, are a treasure trove of information about the globe-trotting intelligentsia of her time.More
A Self-Sustaining Sustainability Fund
In April, President H. Kim Bottomly announced the establishment of a revolving green fund to help support energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable building projects on campus.More
Competitive Streak
Courtney Peterson ’17 showed up ready to play. Take, for example, the field hockey team’s NCAA Tournament Second Round game against Ursinus College last fall: Peterson, a first-year, stormed her way to a goal and an assist in her tourney debut.More
Crew Takes Fourth  at NCAA Championships
As seniors were processing across the stage on Severance Green, the Wellesley crew was seeing blue in Indiana, competing in their fifth consecutive NCAA Division III Rowing Championships. They came home toting trophies: The varsity-8…More
Lessons From the Nerpa
The next time you find yourself in search of adventure, consider a trip to Lake Baikal in Russia: a flight to Frankfurt, followed by a transfer to Moscow, and then a red-eye east across the…More
Interpretive Art
Senior lecturer in theatre studies Diego Arciniegas likes to “provoke students” by telling them acting is not a creative art. “Of course, the work involves extraordinary creativity,” he says, “but acting is an interpretive art…More